Tate wins, Edmonds hydros have difficult day in Detroit


Andrew Tate, driving his RealTrac unlimited hydroplane, was the winner of Saturday’s President’s Cup hydroplane race in Detroit. Tate won all of his heats, including the final, in Mike and Lori Jones’ Kent-based boat. The win was a great present for Lori, who was celebrating her bithday.

Tate got a perfect start and pulled away on the first lap. Jimmy Shane was chasing him hard in his HomeStreet Bank boat, but he had to slow to avoid flipping when the front of the boat lifted off the water. This allowed J. Michael Kelly to slide by and finish second with the Graham Trucking, moving Shane to third. Fourth went to rookie Bert Henderson in the Spirit of Detroit. Fifth place went to Edmonds-based Bucket List Racing driven by Dustin Echols.

It was a difficult day of racing for the boats from Edmonds. Echols missed his first heat of the day as the crew was still working on repairing the gearbox lining damaged during qualifying. He did get out in the second heat and thus made the final.

For Scott and Shannon Raney’s Miss DiJulio presents J&D’s, it turned out to be a miserable day. During the first heat, the boat’s propeller sheared and with it took the strut that holds it to the boat and a portion of the boat bottom. The team is busy now repairing the bottom of the boat and working on a different engine, since the one they were using got damaged from the vibrations when the incident happened. This will be an “all-nighter” repair job. They are hoping to have it done so they can run in Sunday’s Gold Cup.

Suffering a worse day than our Edmonds hydroplanes was Kevin Eacrett, whose Miss Rock flipped end over end and crashed violently in front of the Detroit Yacht Club. The boat is finished but Eacrett is fine, just extremely sore from the experience.

That means Sunday’s Gold Cup is down to seven boats. All points awarded Saturday become irrelevant as racing Sunday starts with a clean slate.

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— By Harry Gatjens

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