Edmonds City Council Tuesday to consider approval of Hwy 99 planning study


The Edmonds City Council Tuesday night is scheduled to authorize an agreement with consultant SCJ Alliance to map out the next phase of work on the two-and a-quarter-mile stretch of Highway 99 that runs through Edmonds.

According to the proposed scope of the work, the project would develop Highway 99 corridor planning elements that would identify improvements to be made, as well as the associated project costs, environmental documentation and right of way costs.

Elements to be considered include wider replacement sidewalks, new street lighting, raised center medians, “attractive and safe” crosswalks, better stormwater management, targeted utility replacements, potential undergrounding of overhead utilities, landscaping, “and other improvements to identify the area as being in Edmonds,” the scope of work said.

The estimated project cost of $467,517 will be funded out of the $1 million from the state transportation budget, which was advanced in 2017 from the $10 million long-term appropriation approved during the 2015 legislative session.

Also on the council agenda:

– A presentation by Robin Fenn, Superintendent of the Verdant Health Commission, regarding community health issues and partnership opportunities.

– A report from the city’s Development Services Department on the city’s climate change/sustainability efforts.

– An update on the City Council’s efforts to select a consultant to conduct a baseline study of the Edmonds Marsh.

The council’s business meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N. But the council is scheduled to meet in executive session at 6:15 p.m. to discuss collective bargaining and pending or potential litigation.

You can see the complete business meeting agenda here.

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  1. I welcome this news. Edmonds stretch of 99 is SO ugly…we can do better. Shorline/Richmond Beach looks so much better…almost an embarrassment to say this is out “Strip”…

    Look forward to seeing the improvements. while you[re at it, look at 218th..(76th) west from Swedish Hospital…garbage on lawns, trash in the storm sewers, blackberry bushes overgrown…not a nice place to walk for the Swedish employees that I see walking on their lunch hour. One wouldn’t think this was “Edmonds”.

    public works has been helpful to try and correct some of this, but it is bigger than that.l



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