“Nile Nightmares” haunted house opens at Nile Shrine Golf Course Oct. 6


Family fun!

Hello nightmare fans!

This is the time of year when we shiver upon hearing those “bumps in the night”; cower as the tree branches scratch against the bedroom window in the still of the night; whimper as the sounds of bone-chilling howls of a lone wolf float toward us, across the transom of time. . . well. .  . you get our drift, right?

Here to accommodate those nightmarish flights of fancy is news from our sister affiliate, MLTNews about the Nile Nightmare Haunted House, which opens Friday, Oct. 6.

The Nile Nightmare Haunted House is located at 6601 244th St. S.W., Mountlake Terrace.


  1. I hope out of respect of those who lost their lives in Las Vegas they do not use gun shots like they usually do.


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