Scene in Edmonds: The marsh, set to music


Local music educator Ed Hartman shared this video of the Edmonds Marsh, put to a piece of original music he created earlier this week. “The video is from a warm day in September at the Edmonds Marsh,” he said. “It’s a nice fall postcard of the Pacific Northwest. Good for armchair travelers, especially with the rainy season starting!” Hartman teaches percussion in Edmonds and also says he does “quite a bit of composition for film and TV.” In addition, he teaches a continuing education class in music licensing, coming up in November at North Seattle College.


  1. Thank you for this creation. The Edmonds Marsh is a beautiful and important area to protect. The wildlife needs and enjoys it, and so do we.

  2. Nature right in our own backyard. Thanks for sharing; it’s a good reminder that we need to protect what is here so we can enjoy some of the natural beauty and not take it for granted.


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