Creative crosswalks set sail at 5th and Howell


The Edmonds Downtown Alliance (ED!), in partnership with the City of Edmonds and the Edmonds Arts Commission, has installed new sailing-themed crosswalks at 5th Avenue South and Howell Way in downtown Edmonds.

According to an ED! announcement, “the crosswalks are meant to give a uniquely Edmonds feel to the downtown area, while also increasing pedestrian safety with a more visible design. The crosswalks also communicate walkability, which contributes to the vitality of the downtown core.”

The first set of crosswalks is part of a pilot program to determine durability and maintenance needs in the future, ED! said.



  1. Well done Edmonds Downtown Alliance and Public Works Department. As noted by Roger Brooks, decorative crosswalks are an excellent way to separate the district. The newly painted crosswalk also reflects the ambiance of Downtown Edmonds, promoting a feeling that you have arrived at a special destination.


  2. Stephen,
    You should explain to the citizens of Edmonds how false and misleading documents were provided to the Edmonds City Council from your department when you held a position in Edmonds. Don’t you just hate public records? they leave such a nasty paper trail.
    Your email which stated that you wanted business owners who would not pay into the BID fee, to be sent out for collections. Shows your true character. It is obvious you care nothing about business owners, just your socialist agenda. But then you have never owned a business. Just a ultra liberal– civil servant.
    The BID has taken almost $ 500,000.00 from business owners and has accomplished nothing, except for paying for City wants, at the business owners expense.


    • I am going to again ask for civility, commenters. Express your disagreements, but please refrain from personal attacks. Thank you — Teresa




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