Reminder: Marina Beach Park, dog park temporarily closed Dec. 1 for removal of beached boat

The damaged boat at Marina Beach Park. (Photo by Larry Vogel)

The off-leash dog area and south parking lot at Marina Beach Park will be closed on Friday, Dec. 1 so that the beached vessel Hide Away can be safety removed. The City of Edmonds anticipates the closure to last until approximately 2 p.m. Dec. 1, and says i t will re-open these areas as soon as it is safe for public use.

As we wrote about in our earlier story here, the City of Edmonds declared the vessel an emergency as it met the criteria for temporary possession described under state law. The City is working with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and Global Salvage and Diving to remove the vessel. Recently, Global Salvage safely removed hazardous materials from the vessel, including fuel, oil, and fire extinguishers.

The city said it is following the Department of Natural Resources guidelines for derelict vessels and has provided notice to the owner. The city is able to re-coup up to 90 percent of its costs through the agency’s Derelict Vessel Removal Account.



  1. Wait, we know who the owner is. Why are we paying for this? Just because the city can re-coup 90% from the state. FYI, those are our tax dollars as well. The owner is legally required to pay for the removal, yes?




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