Bartell Drugs pulls gun magazines from stores


If you’re looking for the latest editions of Guns and Ammo, Gun World, Firearms News, Tactical World or other periodicals targeted to the gun enthusiast, don’t go to Bartell Drugs.

In the wake of the recent school shootings and the national conversation about firearms, Bartell is joining the growing list of companies from retailers to airlines who are changing their policies.

“We’ve made the decision to pull these titles from our magazine racks, and have contacted our magazine distributors to request that they no longer supply them to Bartell,” Ric Brewer, Bartell Drugs spokesperson, said Friday. “They’ve never been big sellers for us anyway, we honestly don’t want them in our stores, and we feel that the time is right to simply stop offering them.”

According to Brewer, store managers have been instructed to remove any remaining gun magazines from the periodical racks.

A Northwest-based company, Bartell Drugs has been serving local customers since 1890 when it was founded by 21-year-old George Bartell. The company has 67 stores, including locations in Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.

— By Larry Vogel


  1. I, for one, applaud Bartells for this decision- one which I understand was made within days of the Parkland shooting. I am hopeful that other retailers will soon follow this example and discontinue carrying items that promote gun culture. Thank you, Bartells!


  2. Bravo to Bartells, and all the other companies that have broken ties with NRA and their affiliates. The American people have had enough of this gun culture and are taking the steps to make changes. I’m so happy to see this tide turning.


  3. How about focusing on the nation’s violence and death culture that is much pervasive to our males than a few drug store magazines?


  4. One always has the right to shop or not shop at any of the stores that have taken some actions on public issues. It is their right to sell legal stuff and it is the right of the pubic to shop or not shop. I just hope the stop selling jerky. Far to tasty and easy to put in the console for a pick me up snack.


  5. I grew up with guns, everyone I know had guns. Never a problem.
    The problem today is children as young as 5 years old can sit and play video games, under a hundred different names, which de-sensitize them to feelings, as they kill everything with their gun. All they learn is that they can kill whoever they do not like, the next step is taking that altered mindset and placing it into application.
    Even the violence you see on NCIS and lot of the other shows, is appalling for public TV.

    These video games need to be collected and destroyed.

    Pilots learn to fly on simulators. Young kids are learning to kill who they can not get along with, from video games.

    Throw away your childs video games which teach violence.


    • You make some good points, but video games are not “the” problem. We are going to need to approach reducing violence with an array of measures – no one thing is going to get us to a saner place.


      • It appears that if various law enforcement agencies had done their jobs the Florida school massacre would have been averted.


      • So lets try several things while keeping our eye on the constitution. Should be ways to “keep and bare arms” without having every restriction be interpreted as a slippery slope to taking away all guns.


    • Sorry Brent. There are many indirect reasons to explain gun violence… Take a moment and listen to Cheryl Wheeler’s song, “If It Were Up to Me”…

      The issue is easy access to guns (especially high-powered, semi-automatic weapons with high capacity magazines). Were AR-15’s as readily available when you were a child? Guns are the difference between a confrontation leading to injury or becoming lethal… and access to semi-automatic weapons with high capacity magazines makes mass shootings possible, probable, and -sadly- predictable. Period, exclamation point.

      If your child hits another child with a stick, do you:
      A) Give everybody sticks;
      B) Give certain kids sticks who are adept with sticks to defend everyone else; or
      C) Take away the stick


      • Sorry Rick, first you know nothing of my background. Second- You need to learn something before you talk about things you have no knowledge of, but you throw out the talking points of a good anti-gun lefty.

        AR-15’s have been around a very long time. I have shot lots of them, lots of different configurations, with hell-fire triggers and some with drum feed. I’ve shot thousands and thousands of rounds…. Even M-16’s in full auto, so I have probably forgotten more about guns than you have ever known. Reloaded thousands and thousands of rounds…. and never shot a person.
        You should educate yourself. A crazy person can cause almost as much carnage with a six shooter and a speed loader.
        Keep your stick, I’ll keep my guns.


        • Um, how do “I have probably forgotten more about guns than you have ever known” and “you know nothing of my background” go together? Just sayn’…


  6. A government shutdown of a publication would be an egregious stifling of freedom of speech. A privately held family owned company making a socially responsible decision to no longer contribute to our gun obsessed culture; to actually listen to the anguished cries of the majority of Americans and take a small step to change the gun obsession, is not. If you want your gun magazine, you still have access to it. Freedom of speech is not threatened here.


  7. Okay. Bartell’s says in what I assume is a press release that gun related magazines were not a big seller anyway. And announcing that they have pulled them gets them some free press. Had they been selling likely they would have simply kept them and said nothing. Not exactly a constitution issue, just PR good or and marketing for something that wasn’t selling anyway.


    • Sounds like a win-win: support a popular movement and get PR. What’s not to like? I don’t see why only a sacrifice is thought to be a legitimate protest.




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