How about a little plogging in Edmonds?

    Ploggers picking up litter along the Chattahoochee River, part of a Trashercize program in Tennessee. (Photo by Chuck Rogers/Wikipedia)

    Ever try plogging?

    I’d never heard of it until I read an article in The Iceland Review – a paper I took up reading a while ago, both out of interest in Iceland and as a relief from American politics (two summers ago Iceland had the largest turnout for a referendum in its history. The issue? The Mackerel quota. Now, isn’t that a nice change from our own politics?)

    But back to plogging. Plogging, it transpires, is a new trend that began in Sweden in 2016 and is both healthy and good for the environment. It has caught on in Iceland, with pictures of the president of Iceland plogging around the Presidential Residence. A Facebook group called Plokk á Íslandi has 1,200 members.

    So what is plogging? The word derives from the Scandinavian word that cognates with English “pluck,” and by extension “pick up.” This mashes up with “jogging” – and there you have it: combining jogging (or walking) with picking up litter.

    The Iceland Review concludes: “Einar Bárðarson, communications manager of Hafnarfjörður municipality near Reykjavík created the group. He says spring is a great season to go plogging. ‘This is the perfect time, when garbage is prominent and easy to pick up,’ he remarked. ‘It’s easily visible in green areas and a lot of it is showing up now from under the snow. It’s great to be physically active and beautify the environment along the way.'”

    Might be a good thing to get started in Edmonds!

    — By Nathaniel Brown



    1. I do this occasionally in Yost Park (less the jogging bit). It’s a shame it is so necessary.

      When the converted golf course park opened on Lake Ballinger I took several leaf bags worth of trash out of there, including several dozen golf balls.


      • When I was still running, I used to do this often, for about 200 yards either side of my driveway. it doesn’t take much to make things look a lot better.


    2. When my wife and I were visiting friends in downtown Cleveland we were struck by a trend that has caught on in the residential areas. As folks are out for their “daily constitutional” they pick up litter along the way. Many carry the long-handled pickers that allow you to grab onto something on the ground without bending over, so a bad back is no excuse for not joining in. Down town Cleveland is in a renaissance and residents have bought into it by doing their part picking up trash during their daily walks. The results are a cleaner area as well as a closer knit community.




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