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  1. Is there a map somewhere that shows where the different businesses are in Edmonds? My family is moving there from Kentucky and we can find all the business on 99 but would love to shop local we just don’t know where anything is or how to get there! A map would be great showing the different businesses for us newbies.

    Cassy Sommers

    • Hi Cassy:
      The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce has a directory of businesses with a map attached to each listing:

    • Cassey Sommers, be sure you visit the Cheesemonger’s Table downtown on Main St. for fabulous homemade soups, creative sandwiches and delicious cheeses. You’ll love it as well as Edmonds.

  2. A recent list of 73 best places in the world to photograph includes Puget Sound as one of 11 places in the US.!/2012/05/73-photo-locations-to-shoot-before-you.html

    • Thank you LeRoy VanHee for posting that blog spot. :)

      • I’ve been thinking Edmonds would make a great destination location for folks wanting to photograph Puget Sound. We have trains, ferries, buses, a marina and a motel with a couple of blocks of each other. The marsh, fishing pier and beaches make good starting spots for photographing this area.

  3. I was very happy to receive (as a gift) David Marty’s beautiful poster from the Edmonds Art Fair this year. We love his work but we are running out of space. This poster though will have a place, after it is framed. It is giving our beautiful State and Water fronts due credit and is therefore a breathtaking scene. Thank you David Marty!!!

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