Letter to the editor: When can we expect full completion of recent road repairs?

Editor: Is there any way of seeing that road repairs in Edmonds are actually finished? Let me draw attention to the repair at the bottom of 196th: the surface is so bumpy as to be uncomfortable in a car, and is potentially lethal on a bike with high-pressure tires; the edges, transitioning into the old pavement, are now uneven enough to throw steering off, if one is not prepared. The same situatio... »

Letter to the editor: Thanks to all businesses participating in Trick-or-Treat Night

Editor: The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our fantastic Edmonds businesses that participated in the annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat Night. The night was a rousing success with an estimated 4,000 children, adults and pets crowding downtown Edmonds. We really want the public to understand how much goes into this event, as businesses close their sto... »

Letter to the editor: Sponsors, volunteers key to success of Arts Commission programs

Editor: For over 26 years the City of Edmonds Arts Commission has presented summer concerts in the park. For the past 13 years Lynnwood Honda and Acura of Lynnwood have partnered to sponsor these free concerts. For the past three years, the Hazel Miller Foundation has provided grant support for a new series of concerts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Hazel Miller Plaza. Thank you to these sponsor... »

Letter to the editor: Community will benefit from Caspers Street home sale

Dear Editor: Edmonds United Methodist Church has been part of this community since 1908 and continues to build deep roots. We have the utmost respect for our neighbors and wanted to provide clarification on the recent land sale to the east of the church building. In early 2014, a proposal to sell the property was made to the members and attendees of Edmonds United Methodist Church. A task force wa... »

Letter to the Editor: Proposition 1 will improve quality of life for all

Dear Editor: With more people moving into the area, we know that traffic isn’t going to just magically go away. In fact, our road system is pretty well built-out. So how can we keep people moving in the face of expected population increases? The answer is simple: we need to make the best use of the roads we have. Buses and van-pools are some of the most efficient ways to move people to their jobs,... »

Letter to the Editor: Neil Tibbott excels at working collaboratively

Editor: When I talk to family, friends, neighbors, business owners and others about the upcoming local election, what I hear consistently is that they want a City Council that works effectively as a team. This is not to say that Council members must be in alignment or thinking one particular way on any given issue. What I am referring to is collaboratively working toward solving problems and addre... »

Letter to the editor: Lora Petso knows that ‘progress is improvement’

Editor: There are many in Edmonds who equate progress with change. Progress is not change, progress is improvement. Lora Petso knows this to her core, and that is why I am voting for her.   Let’s take the Westgate plan as an example. Instead of piggy backing on those who championed the plan because “we” (the administration) had been working on it for “years” (mul... »

Letter to the editor: A vote for Neil Tibbott ‘a vote well cast’

Editor: Neil Tibbot is a person I admire. He works for the Planning Commission and is currently the Board Chair. And this is a meaningful assignment. The work of the Planning Commission is extensive and time consuming. It involves late night meetings, long and laborious reading of material and the like. From what I can tell, Neil is doing well with this charge. We met recently to discuss several m... »

Letter to the Editor: Lora Petso has earned my vote for Edmonds City Council

Editor: Many promises and great sounding campaign slogans are presented during election season, and we each try to make an educated and informed vote- this is not always easy and sometimes it is a bit of a shot-in-the-dark. Not so with Lora Petso, she has already proven that she is open and inclusive, educated and responsive, and dedicated in her service to the citizens of Edmonds. I know all of t... »

Letter to the editor: The politics of this City Council election

Editor: This is a somewhat unusual election regarding the City Council. There are five council positions to be voted on and yet only three are being contested while two are unopposed. I don’t consider myself a political pundit or a prognosticator of any sort, but the City Council dynamics are about to change regardless of the vote simply because Ms. Bloom has chosen not to pursue a second term on ... »

Letter to the editor: We’re supporting Lora Petso for City Council

Editor: We are writing in support of Lora Petso for position 7 on the Edmonds City Council. We are aware that people make their election decisions in a variety of ways. Some vote for the incumbent; if you are inclined in that direction, please do so, as Ms. Petso IS the incumbent, and has served the City Council both as a council member and also as President. Some will vote for a person who has be... »

Letter to the editor: Open letter to the citizens of Edmonds

Editor’s note: When Mr. Teitzel submitted this letter, he told us he informed his opponent he was doing so and invited her to submit a similar letter about her candidacy. In fairness, we will run that letter if we receive it. Neighbors, I deeply appreciate the Edmonds residents who have taken the time to submit letters to the editor on my behalf. However, I wanted to take the opportunity to ... »

Letter to the editor: Alicia Crank has my vote

Editor: I decided to endorse Alicia Crank when she spoke in opposition to crumb rubber infill prior to the installation of the turf fields at Woodway Fields. It took courage, especially as a first-time candidate, to take that stand when the school district, and the city, were ignoring concerns of citizens, and surging forward. I met with Alicia shortly after, and was impressed with her experience ... »

Letter to the editor: Why I’m supporting Dave Teitzel for Edmonds City Council

Editor: If I had to sum up Dave in one word it would be “Solid.” Solid but also with a big heart and deep commitment to give back. And if that were not enough, he plays keyboard in a Blues/R&B Band, or did before he took on the daunting task of running for public office. His website will provide you with the details but I’d like to point out that he is a true Independent politically, does his ... »

Letter to the Editor: Why I am supporting Neil Tibbott for City Council Pos. 7

Dear Editor: Neil Tibbott reached out to me, like he has been reaching out to many in the community for the last 15 years, to listen to my thoughts and opinions of where the City is heading. I was impressed by his experience working on city and community issues and his track record of solving problems and creating legislation through an inclusive and collaborative approach. For instance, as Chair ... »

Letter to the editor: Errors in crumb rubber literature review

Editor: Edmonds School District Superintendent Nick Brossoit and School Board President Diana White are continuing to insist that a literature review, commissioned by the Edmonds School District, and completed by Elizabeth Black of EMB Consulting LLC, proves that crumb rubber is safe. No public comments were allowed when Ms. Black presented her findings to the board, and the school board has not a... »

Letter to the editor: What this Edmonds City Council has accomplished

Editor: I attended the debate last night at the Edmonds Senior Center and imagine my surprise to hear many the Edmonds Election Group candidates’ themes of current council not getting along with each other and being unable to get anything done but infighting. They are mistaken on that theme. I’m here to tell you that democracy isn’t alway clean and neat, sometimes it’s down... »

Letter to the editor: Just tired of politics in Edmonds

Letter to the editor: Just tired of politics in Edmonds

Editor: This is my endorsement for Alicia Crank. No, I have no political clout. Not well connected. But I am very tired of seeing the Tuesday night sessions become anything but civil. Where votes line up in a predictable fashion, and where taxpayers pay for sessions to have our elected officials learn how to play nice. (That worked so well). Ms Crank isn’t from around here. And that is a bad... »

Letter to the editor: My choices for Edmonds City Council

Dear Editor: Elections are an opportunity for us all to have a say in who represents us. With that comes the need to make an educated and thoughtful choice. During an election, some promise many things but after, many things are left undone or not done with the best interest of the whole City. Some make decisions based on pressure from small groups of people with a special interest   It is importa... »

Letter to the Editor: Councilmember Mike Nelson’s conflict of interest

Editor: An open letter to the Edmonds City Council and Mayor Earling: Earlier this year, Mike Nelson was appointed to the city council to fill the vacant position created by the departure of Strom Peterson. Later, it comes to light that Mr. Nelson is “Executive Director” of the Service Employees international Union (SEIU). (Most of the employees of the city of Edmonds are SEIU members.... »

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