Letter to the editor: Councilmembers need to focus on economic development in 2016

Editor: While Edmonds has, over the past several years, experienced some solid growth in revenue, it will be important for those elected in November to give attention to areas we can continue to grow and develop our economy. We can choose to think that global growth worries will have little impact on our small city, but this thinking is short-sighted. What happens globally, impacts the local econo... »

Letter to the Editor: Stakeholders working on solution to train traffic bottlenecks

Dear Editor: I read with interest the coverage of the forum held to discuss coal and oil train safety in our community (Coal and oil train forum touches nerve with local issues of safety, noise, and waterfront access, Sept. 17). I was pleased to see the citizen involvement in the forum. This is indeed a serious public safety issue that should be addressed – and it is. Clearly, Mayor Dave Earling t... »

Letter to the Editor: This former mayor supports Neil Tibbott

Editor: Hello citizens of Edmonds! Election time is upon us. This November 3rd election is a critical one. It is now time to pause and assess the qualifications of the declared city council candidates. We must elect persons, who above all, understand the function of a councilmember; that is one of a legislator who makes or enacts laws, not executive or judicial. For instance, a councilmember shoul... »

Letter to the Editor: Vote with me for Dave Teitzel

Editor: I’ve had the opportunity to observe and work with Dave Teitzel since January when he began the long and difficult process of running for Edmonds City Council position # 5 and I’m convinced he’s the right person for the job. Dave is dedicated, qualified and a quick study. Most of all he’s a long time Edmonds resident who’s been active and volunteering in the co... »

Letter to the Editor: Why Neil Tibbott has my vote for Edmonds City Council

Dear Editor: I am writing to share why I am voting for Neil Tibbott for Edmonds City Council position No. 7. When I met Neil a few years ago we connected over several common interests, one of them being our love for Edmonds. After I graduated from college we started meeting for coffee on Thursday mornings and I have benefited greatly from his thoughtful questions, listening ear and discerning insi... »

Letter to the Editor: Why I am supporting Neil Tibbott for Edmonds City Council

Editor: Neil Tibbott is a person of integrity who believes in the voice of all citizens of Edmonds no matter their political, social, or community standing. By reviewing his list of supporters on his web site, Neil Tibbott for Edmonds City Council, you can see how much support he is receiving from all sectors of the community. He has very broad support. People appreciate his candor and willingness... »

Letter to the Editor: Let’s hold a town hall meeting on Sunset Avenue walkway project

The following letter was sent to the Edmonds City Council, and the author requested that it also be posted on My Edmonds News. The one-year trial period for the Sunset Avenue walkway project has come and gone. I respectfully request that you initiate a well publicized Town Hall Meeting on this matter before a final decision is made. Due to the high degree of divisiveness and distrust surrounding t... »

Letter to the Editor: How are things supposed to work in Edmonds?

Editor: My siblings and I were educated by an excellent public school system. We learned lessons about the political process, the judicial system, the checks and balances. Perhaps the most important lesson we learned was that a democracy DEPENDS on active participation of its citizenry in order to prevent government from running amuck. My Yankee uncle was fond of saying, “It is incumbent upon you,... »

Letter to the editor: Woodway fields — what happens next?

Dear Editor, Your headline, Decorum takes a holiday as council decides to review Woodway Field permits, was (unfortunately) spot on. I was at the meeting and I agree, it was very contentious and without the usual and expected decorum. As someone who very much dislikes and tends to avoid heated conflict, I was uncomfortable and confused while at the meeting. I have been processing the events of the... »

Letter to the Editor: What is role of our elected officials regarding health and crumb rubber?

Editor: As one of many who have been very involved in the movement to keep crumb rubber off of athletic fields in the City of Edmonds, I have found the process both frustrating and confusing. I have been amazed at what we have gone through in our attempt to simply change the infill used on the new synthetic athletic fields; a move that would give peace of mind to thousands of Edmonds residents who... »

Letter to the Editor: It’s time to ban crumb rubber in Edmonds

The following letter was sent to the Edmonds City Council with a request to print it in My Edmonds News. Dear Edmonds City Council; Undebated facts about crumb rubber infill in synthetic turf versus Issues that simply should not be debated After months of discussion, public comment, testimony and letters to the editor, I am flabbergasted that a high-ranking Edmonds Parks & Recreation staffer i... »

Letter to the editor: School Board’s response ‘unconscionable’

Dear Mayor Earling and Edmonds City Council, It was with great dismay, but not surprise, that I read in today’s My Edmonds News that the Edmonds School Board has declined yet another opportunity to respond to its partners’ concerns in the fields development project at the “Old Woodway.” In declining this request to meet with Edmonds City Council, the Edmonds School Board has refused yet another op... »

Letter to the Editor: What has happened to police enforcement of speeding?

Dear Editor: It used to be that Edmonds was known for speed limit enforcement. That made me proud and feeling safe. I live on 3rd Avenue and when cars go speeding by (often coming from the ferry, cutting thru to get to 220th, 100th, etc.) it makes me very concerned. I think of children who will be coming to the park (even now, with the construction there are groups who play on the grass). I also h... »

Letter to the Editor: Children deserve ‘due diligence’ on crumb rubber turf

Editor: I’ve followed the Edmonds School District’s proposed use of crumb rubber on Woodway fields under the Inter-Local Agreement (ILA). After listening to a consultant at a City Council study session, I have questions: Crumb rubber contains toxins. Does a child have to get sick before considering safety? Cancer is a concern. Is that gamble acceptable? Why does the District resist investigating a... »

Letter to the editor: Why I’m supporting Dave Somers for County Executive

Editor: Dave Somers is the best candidate to lead Snohomish County. Over his years on the County Council and during his career as a biologist, he worked tirelessly and successfully to bring people with widely separated goals together on issues. Dave has a non-confrontational style, strong principals and a vision for the future of the County. It is his concern for Snohomish County that drives him t... »

Letter to the editor: Is school district willing to sever city partnership over crumb rubber?

Editor: Did the Superintendent of the Edmonds School District really threaten to sever a partnership with the City of Edmonds because council members are considering responding to the concerns of hundreds of residents about crumb rubber infill? Is this the official stance of the Edmonds School Board as well? In speaking about the installation of crumb rubber infill on the new synthetic turf field ... »

Letter to Editor: Dave Somers campaign continues to mislead public

Editor, How long will the Dave Somers campaign continue to mislead the public about fiscal responsibility? It is disappointing to me that in his position as council chair he has either not read the County Charter or is choosing to distort it for political gain. Section 2.2 – Powers of the Council, the Charter clearly states; “To levy taxes, appropriate revenue and adopt budgets for the county.” In... »

Letter to the editor: Edmonds should lead by example on crumb rubber playfield issue

Editor’s note: The following was sent to the Edmonds City Council and the author asked that it also be posted as a letter to the editor. Edmonds City Council Members, Thank you for the opportunity, at last night’s city council meeting, myedmondsnews.com/2015/07/council-rejects-idea-to-up-bid-for-edmonds-conference-center-hears-again-from-turf-field-opponents/ to express my deep concern... »

Letter to the editor: Thank you, Edmonds Arts Festival volunteers

Letter to the editor: Thank you, Edmonds Arts Festival volunteers

The Edmonds Arts Festival sincerely thanks the 500 plus volunteers who made the 2015 event a huge success. The festival is totally dependent on the time and effort our unpaid heroes donate. Volunteers helped before, during and after the three-day event. They checked in art, set the galleries, worked with children on Kids Create projects, provided booth relief to artists, staffed the information bo... »

Thanks for supporting garage sale benefiting animal advocacy

Editor: A big thank you to all who came to the GGAA (Genevieve G. Animal Advocacy) group garage sale in Edmonds on June 6th. It was very successful. We sold lots of stuff. People enjoyed lots of cookies. And all funds raised goes to the GGAA vet expenses. Watch for our next sale in July. We get new items all the time. Mary Ann Ramminger Seattle »

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