Letter to the Editor: Let’s prevent gun murder

Dear Editor: I’ve heard the suspect in the recent SPU shootings was a student at Edmonds Homeschool Resource Center, now known as Edmonds Heights, where my children have attended school since fall of 2003. The shooter’s two years older than my oldest daughter. They went to school together. I have to ask: how many more kids have to die before people start taking proactive steps to reduc... »

Letter to the Editor: With yet another subdivision, there goes the neighborhood

Dear Editor: Well yet another subdivision is being developed in my neighborhood. In the last 28 years there have been at least seven subdivisions built on 218th, between 84th and 92nd. Most of the original homes on our street are one-story ramblers and date back to the early 1950s. Your development is named “Shaw Lane” after the family you purchased the land from. I have watched in the... »

Letter to the Editor: Spend some of that school levy money on landscape maintenance

Dear Editor, After walking and driving past our local Edmonds Schools I find the landscape condition and maintenance appalling. I ask the question how can this be with passages of two recent levies and record payments to the Edmonds School District, in our case, $2800 per year? The answer is, there is no excuse for the grounds to be in this poor condition. There are many examples to choose from, b... »

Letter to the Editor: Third Thursday Art Walk continues to thrive

Dear Editor, Walking around town Thursday night the city was alive with laughter, excitement, people in the streets and artist busy talking about there exhibits. Over the last 3 months the Art Walk has gone through some changes, the monthly DEMA meetings I’ve attended have been very productive and informative to create the new leadership. Alexandra Rousu (DEMA President) & Denise Cole (A... »

Letter to the Editor: Kudos to Campbell Nelson employees for helping motorist in distress

Editor: Today I stumbled onto a young lady that was having car troubles at the intersection of Hwy 99 and 205th. When I approached her she explained that she had broken down and was calling Triple A. I went to my truck to radio for help to push her off Hwy 99 and to my surprise a crew of Campbell Nelson employees came running out to help. I just want to pass on a thank you to them for helping this... »

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to those who supported Oso and attended fashion show

Editor: This morning’s story about our National Guard members being called up to help in Oso was very, very touching. It made even more of an impact on my tear ducts because yesterday I helped with the fund raiser for Operation Military Family, held at the yacht club. Special thanks to all our awesome local Edmononians who came out to support with their presence, their applause, and their do... »

Letter to the editor: Climate change must be addressed on national level

Editor: It was great to read about the things Edmonds is doing to address climate change, but small, local efforts, necessary as they are, will never be enough in time. We need national legislation. The latest IPCC reports say we have to reduce CO2 emissions drastically in the next 15 years or we will face “catastrophic” climate change. There is a simple, realistic plan for replacing f... »

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to 2014 Tax Aide volunteers

Dear Editor: The doors have closed on 2014 free Tax Aide Assistance this year at the Edmonds Library. I want to take a few minutes to thank the incredible volunteers who made this free service to our community a reality. From the beginning of February through April 15 these trained, kind, caring volunteers put together a program to prepare tax returns for four hours a day, three days a week. Their... »

Letter to the Editor: Stephen Clifton will be missed

Dear Editor: On April 15, 2014 during the audience comments portion of the Edmonds City Council meeting, I made the following remarks about Stephen Clifton. For those of your readers who were unable to attend the Council meeting or watch it on television I am providing a transcript of my remarks below: I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen Clifton as a member of the Highway 99 Task Force... »

Letter to the editor: Edmonds BID plan for spending merchants’ money ‘mystifying’

Dear Editor: The City of Edmonds has a relatively new “Advisory Board” which is called the Edmonds Business Improvement District (EDBID). This board assesses businesses within the downtown boundary area (which they determined) a certain amount of money based on square footage. This new entity was formed with the idea that they will be able to bring more people to Edmonds through differ... »

Letter to the editor: Council should find way to purchase Perrinville property

Dear editor: There are obviously differences of opinions as to the value of the natural environments in Edmonds. Some individuals espouse that preserving a watershed and wildlife habitat is far less important than clear-cutting, re-grading steep slopes and the filling of deep ravines and wetlands to make way for additional housing. The property at issue here is known as “Angler’s Cross... »

Letter to the Editor – What are Edmonds’ priorities?

Dear Editor: Two months ago my wonderful friend Ellie Bonanno was fatally hit by a car on Walnut Street at the crossing where the city paths link the two segments of 8th Avenue. For years, she and I had attempted to get the City to understand the need for pedestrian friendly streets, especially Walnut, so that horrible accidents like this one (which is still under investigation) would not happen. ... »

Letter to the editor: City can’t afford to ‘do nothing’ on Sunset Avenue

Dear Editor: I spent my 20th birthday somewhere near the middle of Lake Superior. That year I worked as a deck hand on the SS Lehigh, which was an ore carrier in the Bethlehem Steel Company’s fleet hauling iron ore, dolomite and coal to various steel mills on the Great Lakes. There is one tiny memory that has stuck with me ever since that summer that I’ll share. One afternoon the First Mate was sh... »

Letter to the Editor: Citizens concerned about loss of woods in Seaview/Perrinville area

Dear Editor: The residents in the Seaview and Perrinville area are facing, for the third time over the past 15 years, the possibility of a 27-home planned residential development (PRD) being developed in their back yard. If it comes to fruition, more than five acres of woodlands will be clear-cut and graded to make way for 27 homes. The development is known as “Angler’s Crossing”... »

Letter to the Editor: Why I support Neil Tibbott for City Council

Dear Editor: I am writing to you about my friend Neil Tibbott. You might say that this is an endorsement of sorts. Neil expressed to me that he is applying for an Edmonds City council position that has opened up. Neil stated that there are some very good candidates who have been on the council before and are very qualified as well. Neil, as you know, is a member of the Edmonds planning board. He h... »

Letter to Edmonds City Council and Mayor Dave Earling: Ellie Bonanno’s death tragic, preventable

Edmonds City Council President Edmonds City Councilmembers Mayor Earling A week ago today at 9 o’clock in the morning (PST) I chatted on the phone with my good friend and former neighbor Ellie Bonanno who lived at 820 Walnut Street since the late 1950’s. I lived for nearly 10 years at 801 Walnut and now reside in Pittsburgh, Penn. That very afternoon upon returning from the walk she had told me sh... »

Letter to the Editor: Edmonds School District SAT scores nothing to brag about

Dear Editor: My Edmonds School District News, urging that I vote for the new levy and bonds, announces that its SAT scores are slightly above the state and national averages. This is good news? No, it’s a disgrace. Our relatively rich and well-educated community should be ashamed to be just barely above our woeful national average, which ranks only 27th in the world. Mediocrity is no reason ... »

Letter to the Editor: Say ‘no’ to the Sunset Walkway

To the Editor: Mayor Dave Earling and the Edmonds City Council, Just say “NO” to the Sunset Walkway! We think it would be extremely short-sighted to spend millions of dollars for a walkway on Sunset Avenue. Much of this proposed walkway between Edmonds Street and Caspers Street would be on Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) property. We have already been warned that BNSF wants to build a... »

Letter to the Editor: Experience could be a positive in council seat appointment

Dear Editor: Does Our City Really Need Even More “New” ?? In the past five years our city has had to function with extraordinary turnover of elected officials and director-level staff: Three different mayors, five councilmembers did not complete their elected terms, six different finance directors, as well as a new fire chief, development services director, parks director, public works... »

Letter to Editor: Edmonds City Council appointment provides opportunity for ‘new blood’

Dear Editor: With the Council soon to interview 15 candidates for its open position, this is an opportunity to bring ‘new blood’ to the Council. In taking time to find information about the 13 candidates who have not served before, I see some good citizens to consider. Some already serve on City committees. Others hold important positions in the community. Most have good lengths of tim... »

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