Letter to the editor: Thank you, Edmonds Arts Festival volunteers

Letter to the editor: Thank you, Edmonds Arts Festival volunteers

The Edmonds Arts Festival sincerely thanks the 500 plus volunteers who made the 2015 event a huge success. The festival is totally dependent on the time and effort our unpaid heroes donate. Volunteers helped before, during and after the three-day event. They checked in art, set the galleries, worked with children on Kids Create projects, provided booth relief to artists, staffed the information bo... »

Thanks for supporting garage sale benefiting animal advocacy

Editor: A big thank you to all who came to the GGAA (Genevieve G. Animal Advocacy) group garage sale in Edmonds on June 6th. It was very successful. We sold lots of stuff. People enjoyed lots of cookies. And all funds raised goes to the GGAA vet expenses. Watch for our next sale in July. We get new items all the time. Mary Ann Ramminger Seattle »

Letter to the editor: We need a solution to railroad crossings at waterfront

Editor: Sometime before 5 a.m. Saturday, I noticed the RR crossing gates were down and the warning lights flashing — but no train. Just before 5 a.m., I notified 911 of the problem and our local police showing up at the scene. At 5:30 a.m., the ferry docked. Our police showed up. They managed to unload and load the ferry. Seems fixed. Oh oh. No, not fixed. A train came through and the gates ... »

Letter to the editor: Crumb rubber an issue nationally

Letter to the editor: Crumb rubber an issue nationally

Editor: The use and safety of crumb rubber is an emerging national issue. Crumb rubber is made from tires, and tires contain many known carcinogens. While we can all agree that further research needs to be done, it is important to note a new development — that at a May 19, 2015 meeting of the Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, the use of crumb r... »

Letter to editor: We don’t need regulations to preserve trees

Editor: Should you be required pay the city $250, and submit a site plan, to cut down a tree on your own property? Wait, your tree has a base greater than 24 inches, so I should ask: Should you be required to pay $820? Should you be required to hire an Arborist to tell you how to manage trees on your property? Should you be required to post a notice in the newspaper? Should you notify everyone wit... »

Letter to the editor: Edmonds School District may pay big price later for turf decision

Editor: On Tuesday, the Edmonds School Board made the decision to install a crumb rubber/artificial turf field at Former Woodway High School. It was a disappointing vote for the large group of community members, parents and students who have been urging the board to go with an alternative infill material for the proposed synthetic turf field. Crumb rubber is made from recycled used tires and used ... »

Letter to Editor: Great fun at the Edmonds Pub Crawl and Poker Run

Editor: Special thanks to Marcie and Tom Kretzler, new owners of Gallaghers’ U-Brew, for organizing the first Annual Pub Crawl and Poker Run. It was a great event for Edmonds and participating establishments — Engels Pub, A Very Taki Tiki Bar and Grill, Salish Sea Brewing Co, and American Brewing Co., all saw lots of new faces. About 80 people joined in the four-hour crawl where one card was... »

Letter to the editor: An environmentally-friendly artificial turf option

The following was sent to the Edmonds School Board, and the author requested that it also be posted as a letter to the editor. Edmonds School Board Members: There is an alternative product that will allow you to address most of the concerns raised by the community while still allowing eager athletes to have a great sports field to play on. The White House researched the product and has installed i... »

Letter to the Editor: Supporting a vote against crumb rubber fields

Dear Editor: Below you will find the letter I have sent to our school board members. You may find it of interest. Our family is very concerned about the possibility of crumb rubber being used for the field project, and hope that before the school board votes this Tuesday, more research will be done, more Edmonds citizens will become aware, and alternate choices will be made. Barbara Peterson ̵... »

Editor: Compromise needed for Woodway field proposal

Editor: Regarding the Old Woodway HS field: I’m so disappointed at the City of Edmonds and School Board for the way this whole process has been handled! No independent, impartial, qualified Environmental or Traffic studies were conducted (especially in light of the newly rezoned Westgate area) and the Board seems to be acting in direct conflict of the purpose of the land as stated in its Dee... »

Letter to the editor: What is Verdant’s mission?

Editor: Property owners within Snohomish County Public Hospital District No.2 (also known as Verdant Health) have been saved from an increase in property tax for 2015. Verdant failed to file the necessary paperwork with the Snohomish County Assessor in time for the increased tax rate to be implemented. Fear not, the hospital commissioners plan to go ahead with increases for 2016. Property taxes ar... »

Letter to editor: Donations sought for fire station sign honoring Betty Mueller

Dear Editor: On Tuesday evening, the Edmonds City Council unanimously passed a motion naming Fire Station 16 on 196th S.W. after long-time city activist Betty Mueller. For those of you who knew Betty, nothing else needs to be said. You may remember that Betty was the primary force behind the bond issue that raised $10 million to build the current Public Safety buildings, which include the police s... »

Letter to the editor: Time to act on waterfront safety west of railroad tracks

Editor: The following letter was sent to Mayor Dave Earling and City Council Members Bloom, Buckshnis, Fraley-Monillas, Johnson, Mesaros and Petso Subject: Safety Issues West of the BNSF Tracks on the Waterfront Everyone agrees that access to The Edmonds waterfront is often hindered by ever-increasing and longer freight train activity that is projected to increase over time. ACE has discussed this... »

Letter to the Editor: Why I’m endorsing Mario Brown for Edmonds City Council appointment

Dear Editor: This is an email I sent to the City Council. It is my endorsement of Mr. Brown for the open seat. Many of you know me and have had the pleasure ( or displeasure) of my opinions about various issues over the years. Agree or disagree, you have always taken the time to consider my concerns. This email is a bit different. I am excited about one of the applicants ( Mario Brown) for the Cou... »

Letter to the Editor: Why I support Adam Cornell for vacant city council seat

Editor: I strongly endorse Adam Cornell for a vacant seat on the Edmonds City Council. He would bring on board an effective voice of an important and unrepresented demographic. His demonstrated common sense approach to problem solving will be a valuable contribution discussion of issues that are likely to be/should be on future Council agendas. Thank you. Larry Fuell Edmonds »

Letter to the Editor: Why the Verdant Health Commission continues to collect taxes

Dear Editor: We thought it would be helpful to provide information about Verdant Health Commission’s funding sources and purpose based on a recent letter to the editor. The Hospital District’s revenue is currently a combination of rental income, interest income on reserves and tax revenue. There are several reasons why Verdant Health Commission is continuing to collect tax revenue. First, the levy... »

Letter to the Editor: Questions about Verdant Health Commission property tax

Dear Editor: Recent publicity noting the opening of the Verdant Commission’s new building on 196th Street SW, Lynnwood did not mention in full how the Verdant Commission is funded. Verdant collects property tax from an area that is essentially the same as the geographic boundaries of the Edmonds School District plus an additional section along the southeast boundary.( map available at verdanthealt... »

Letter to the editor: Thanks to mayor, city staff for positive 2014

To the editor: I want to thank Mayor Dave Earling and City staff for the efficient and exceptional work that was performed last year while I was Council President. I know I forgot to thank “you all” at the end of Resolution 1328. I felt bad this morning (sort of like the Oscar speech when the winner forgets the main person) and so here is my heartfelt thanks. Last year should prove to ... »

Letter to the Editor: Alderwood-Terrace Rotary thanks community, Alderwood Mall for support of Sharing Tree 2014

Letter to the Editor: Alderwood-Terrace Rotary thanks community, Alderwood Mall for support of Sharing Tree 2014

Dear Editor: Thank you to our community members and to The Alderwood Mall! This year donations were in excess of 1,200 toys, clothing items, and other gifts, which were distributed throughout our area to families in need. The Alderwood Mall has partnered with Alderwood-Terrace Rotary for the past 26 years to provide a location where donations can be accepted from our community members. These gifts... »

Letter to editor: Thanks to all who participated in ‘light a light’

Dear Editor: On behalf of the City of Edmonds, thank you to all who chose to “light a light” during the holiday season. One hundred and five lights were lit in the names of loved ones during this year’s Celebration of Lights campaign, raising $1,140 for the Youth Scholarship Fund. Each year scholarships enable children in Edmonds to participate in City of Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Cultural Ser... »

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