Letter to the editor: Bike riders need to follow rules of road, pedestrian says

Dear Bike Riders, While I fully appreciate and support people using bicycles as a mode of transportation, I have a simple request: please use the Rules of the Road. I recall there are rules for bike-riders which include signaling turns into traffic. I thought there were also rules for riding on sidewalks, or walking paths, and signaling you are coming up behind a pedestrian. In years past, I remem... »

Letter to the editor: What should City Council do after approving a budget?

Dear Editor: I was recently provided copies of a public record request related to the SR 104 pedestrian crossing. The public records include an email to a City Council Member that contains the following statements: “As an outsider and a past owner of numerous businesses I am surprised that the City Council has not happily delegated this sort of action to those who are hired to implement the ... »

Letter to the Editor: Traffic and parking at Westgate

Dear Editor: I have a fondness for the idea of an urban village. I imagine picking up groceries at a series of little specialty shops, pleasantly conversing with each shopkeeper, then walking home to prepare a romantic dinner. It would be like living in Paris. When I first heard about efforts to change Westgate into an urban village, that’s what I pictured. But having looked at what’s planned, I j... »

Letter to the Editor: How the City of Edmonds defines economic development

Dear Editor: The Edmonds City Council frequently has issues before it related to economic development, including Westgate, the BID (Business Improvement District), Highway 99 and the EDC (Economic Development Commission). I wanted to share what I believe is the most recently adopted definition of Economic Development, from the Edmonds City Council minutes of 9/24/2002: The undertaking of very spec... »

Letter to the Editor: A solution to harassment of day laborers at Aurora Village

Dear Editor: After my wife and I accidentally crashed a ladder through an upstairs window we have realized that we are too old to wrestle ladders or work in high places. Therefore, we have taken to hiring men from Aurora Village parking lot. Recently, Shoreline Police have been ever present, chasing the would-be helpers around. It is difficult to find good, hard workers willing to tackle just abou... »

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to My Edmonds News

To the Editor and Volunteers of My Edmonds News, My Edmonds News is a pleasure to read and continues to expand in content that keeps me connected to my community whether I’m working in Liberia or Louisiana! Thank you for reporting on such a broad variety of topics. I’m still in awe that you do this every day! With so much negative news, it’s always a joyful part of the day to rea... »

Letter to the editor: My vision for Westgate – a welcoming entrance to city

Editor: In a recent article, Edmonds City Council member Lora Petso asked citizens to share their visions for the Westgate neighborhood with the city council. Mrs. Petso challenged us to determine whether the proposed municipal code would align with our visions for the area. Most of us agree that change is coming to Westgate. Demographically, we are an aging community. We have an opportunity to at... »

Letter to the editor: Picnic Point development ‘a recipe for disaster’

Editor: For the second time in nine years, a developer has proposed to nearly “clearcut” 22 acres of forest in the Picnic Point Valley (north of Edmonds) and build 112 cluster homes in a development named  Frognal Estates AKA Horseman’s Trail.  If allowed to proceed this project will have very negative consequences for our way of life in Snohomish County. According to the informa... »

Letter to the editor: Act to save Picnic Point

Editor: Picnic Point forest, and with it, Picnic Point Creek and Puget Sound, is endangered! A developer plans 112 homes, now called Frognal Estates, aka Horseman’s Trails, upon these steep slopes within this treacherous slide zone. This conifer forest guards Picnic Point Creek where endangered Chinook salmon and threatened silver salmon spawn. It harbors an amazing array of wildlife, much of whic... »

Letter to the Editor: A necessary decision

Editor: The recent hearing about the Westgate community was disheartening. Several councilmembers are taking the “over my dead body” approach to prevent change in a neighborhood needing it. Not cosmetic change, but strategic and well-planned action that responds to two facts facing the future of Edmonds. First, Edmonds is an “older community.” Census data for 2010 showed th... »

Letter to the Editor: ‘Lessons learned’ from Citizens’ Compensation Commission process

Editor: At the August 4th City Council meeting, Mrs. Fraley-Monillas called for the elimination of the Citizens’ Commission on Compensation of Elected Officials (CCCEO). She was joined by Council President Buckshnis and Council Members Bloom and Petso. It was a brave act. It is difficult to deal with failure. A huge computer implementation project at Boeing during my tenure was cancelled due to a ... »

Letter to the Editor: July 4th Thank You’s

Dear Editor: It was a perfect Edmonds summer day for the Fourth  of July Parade put on by the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce. This was the 107th year that the Chamber, with the help of wonderful volunteers, have banded together to bring the community this wonderful celebration of our countries history. There are many who have a large hand in making this event successful that often don’t get recognize... »

Letter to the Editor: Strom Peterson will work for us

Dear Editor, Strom Peterson, an Edmonds City Council member and candidate for the State House in the 21st Legislative District, is trustworthy, reliable, and committed to serving his constituency as an elected official. As much as we all hope those words apply to all politicians, they do not always. Strom has proven himself to be all of those things and more—he shows up to community events, he sho... »

Letter to the Editor: Justin McMahon ‘a true progressive’

Dear Editor: I’m writing in support of Justin McMahon who is running for State Representative in the 21st Legislative District. I’ve know Justin for many years. The one thing that has impressed me throughout those years is that Justin says what he means and does what he says. Justin does not play politics. Justin grew up in Lynwood where his family struggled to make ends meet. Through hard work an... »

Letter to the Editor: Strom Peterson best choice for 21st District legislative seat

Dear Editor, I do not often write letters like this to the editor, but I have been reading about the upcoming primary for State Representative to the 21st Legislative District (Position 1). I was surprised to see such a wide field (5 candidates), but also reassured to see a name I could trust among the group: Strom Peterson. Strom Peterson, an Edmonds City Council member, has been working tireless... »

Letter to the Editor: Why I’m voting for Justin McMahon

Editor: Justin McMahon has earned my vote for State Representative, Position 1 in the 21st Legislative District because He understands the tragic problem of homelessness right here in Snohomish County. This is an issue that affects all of us, not just those who are struggling to live without shelter. In almost every greenbelt in Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mukilteo, we find people setting up camp becaus... »

Letter to the Editor: Justin McMahon for 21st District Position 1

Editor: I wanted to write you today to tell you why I support Justin McMahon for Washington State Representative for the 21nd District, position one (1). I cannot vote in this race and I do not often tell people how to vote. I would rather have each person look at all the options and come to a realization themselves; having said that, I understand that it might be difficult for the voters to get t... »

Letter to the Editor: Your chance to preserve 2.28 acres of Seaview woods through auction Friday

Dear Editor: Local residents and the City of Edmonds have been presented with a big opportunity to acquire a portion of a 4.8-acre woodland that is part of the Perrinville Creek drainage and home to an abundance of wildlife. Its western boundary runs along 80th Avenue West near the intersection with 184th Street Southwest and continues easterly downhill to Olympic View Drive in Perrinville. The ow... »

Letter to the Editor: Let’s prevent gun murder

Dear Editor: I’ve heard the suspect in the recent SPU shootings was a student at Edmonds Homeschool Resource Center, now known as Edmonds Heights, where my children have attended school since fall of 2003. The shooter’s two years older than my oldest daughter. They went to school together. I have to ask: how many more kids have to die before people start taking proactive steps to reduc... »

Letter to the Editor: With yet another subdivision, there goes the neighborhood

Dear Editor: Well yet another subdivision is being developed in my neighborhood. In the last 28 years there have been at least seven subdivisions built on 218th, between 84th and 92nd. Most of the original homes on our street are one-story ramblers and date back to the early 1950s. Your development is named “Shaw Lane” after the family you purchased the land from. I have watched in the... »

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