Letter to the Editor: Why I support Adam Cornell for vacant city council seat

Editor: I strongly endorse Adam Cornell for a vacant seat on the Edmonds City Council. He would bring on board an effective voice of an important and unrepresented demographic. His demonstrated common sense approach to problem solving will be a valuable contribution discussion of issues that are likely to be/should be on future Council agendas. Thank you. Larry Fuell Edmonds »

Letter to the Editor: Why the Verdant Health Commission continues to collect taxes

Dear Editor: We thought it would be helpful to provide information about Verdant Health Commission’s funding sources and purpose based on a recent letter to the editor. The Hospital District’s revenue is currently a combination of rental income, interest income on reserves and tax revenue. There are several reasons why Verdant Health Commission is continuing to collect tax revenue. First, the levy... »

Letter to the Editor: Questions about Verdant Health Commission property tax

Dear Editor: Recent publicity noting the opening of the Verdant Commission’s new building on 196th Street SW, Lynnwood did not mention in full how the Verdant Commission is funded. Verdant collects property tax from an area that is essentially the same as the geographic boundaries of the Edmonds School District plus an additional section along the southeast boundary.( map available at verdanthealt... »

Letter to the editor: Thanks to mayor, city staff for positive 2014

To the editor: I want to thank Mayor Dave Earling and City staff for the efficient and exceptional work that was performed last year while I was Council President. I know I forgot to thank “you all” at the end of Resolution 1328. I felt bad this morning (sort of like the Oscar speech when the winner forgets the main person) and so here is my heartfelt thanks. Last year should prove to ... »

Letter to the Editor: Alderwood-Terrace Rotary thanks community, Alderwood Mall for support of Sharing Tree 2014

Letter to the Editor: Alderwood-Terrace Rotary thanks community, Alderwood Mall for support of Sharing Tree 2014

Dear Editor: Thank you to our community members and to The Alderwood Mall! This year donations were in excess of 1,200 toys, clothing items, and other gifts, which were distributed throughout our area to families in need. The Alderwood Mall has partnered with Alderwood-Terrace Rotary for the past 26 years to provide a location where donations can be accepted from our community members. These gifts... »

Letter to editor: Thanks to all who participated in ‘light a light’

Dear Editor: On behalf of the City of Edmonds, thank you to all who chose to “light a light” during the holiday season. One hundred and five lights were lit in the names of loved ones during this year’s Celebration of Lights campaign, raising $1,140 for the Youth Scholarship Fund. Each year scholarships enable children in Edmonds to participate in City of Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Cultural Ser... »

Letter to the Editor: City of Edmonds Recreation thanks 2014 sponsors

Editor: As 2014 draws to a close, Edmonds Recreation would like to take this opportunity to thank those businesses and organizations that sponsored recreation events this year. It is with their help that our events were successful. We extend our gratitude to: Walgreens Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation Verdant Health Commission Masters Roofing Edmonds Family Medicine Port of Edmonds Edmonds Orthope... »

Letter to editor: The spirit of giving alive in Edmonds

Dear Editor: Every year the Rotary Club of Edmonds provides gift giving trees to support the CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates for Children) and the Volunteer Guardian ad Litem Program. These programs provide court-appointed special advocates for children who are victims or alleged victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neglect. This past year, we had a herculean request from 453 childr... »

Letter to Editor: Olympic Ballet’s Nutcracker cast ‘wonderful’

Editor: Sunday evening I attended the Olympic Ballet Theatre’s perfomance of The Nutcracker at the Everett Performing Arts Center. I don’t believe most people in the area realize what a treasure we have in Mara Vinson, co director of Olympic Ballet. Before coming to OBT, Mara was a principal ballerina with Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle. Mara’s performances as Snow Queen and... »

Letter to the Editor: Why I’m resigning from Edmonds Chamber of Commerce Board

Editor: I am announcing my resignation from the board of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce. I have been on the board for the last 14 years with one year left in my current term. The reason I am announcing this on My Edmonds News is to let our membership know there has been a change in the makeup of the board. We have had several board members resign this year with no announcement made to the general... »

Letter to the editor: Traffic safety on 196th a concern

Editor: Many comments were made regarding the recent car/pedestrian accident on 196th Street. I had emailed both the City of Edmonds Police and the Public Works Department about a huge problem on many of our streets. 196th Street, in particular, carries a tremendous amount of traffic, often cars that go above the speed limit. A particularly bad area is between 80th and 88th Aves. SW. Not only are ... »

Letter to the Editor: Trains, Edmonds and studies to nowhere

Editor: I learned Saturday that City Council is not going to fund a serious study of a Train Trench for Edmonds by either Jacobs Engineering or Berger ABAM (experienced with under-water train trenches). Instead, the City has decided to do a $10,000 superficial peer review of a $10,000 superficial study by Tetra-Tech that actually recommends an in-depth study. So, what’s my concern when this suppos... »

Letter to the Editor: How about a new slogan — ‘Share Sunset Avenue’

Publisher’s note: The author sent this letter to the Edmonds mayor and city council, but asked us to also share it here as a letter to the editor. Dear Mayor Earling and City Council members, The temporary walkway along Sunset Avenue has been the Talk of the Town. After publication of an article in MyEdmondsNews.com on Sept. 20, nearly 120 comments were posted in response to the story. On Oc... »

Letter to the Editor: Expressing our deep appreciation to Valerie Claypool

Dear Editor: As Chairmen of the following events put on by the Chamber of Commerce – 4th of July Parade; Taste of Edmonds; The David Stern Memorial Golf Tournament and The Edmonds Classic Car Show – we want to express our deep appreciation for Valerie Claypool, former Director of Membership and Events for the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce. We sincerely appreciate the valuable working relationships a... »

Letter to the Editor: Town or city? That is the question

Editor: Is Edmonds a city or a town? By the law, Edmonds is a city. Yep, you can look it up. To all those who make this claim, you’re right and well-informed. Woodway is also a city, despite having no shops or restaurants, no tall buildings, no parks, and less than 4% of the population of Edmonds. By the law, Steilacoom is a town, despite having 5 times as many people as Woodway. It has restaurant... »

Letter to the editor: Solomon and The Sunset Ave Issue

Dear Editor: (Sent to Mayor Dave Earling, Edmonds City Council) The Council’s decision to compromise and make interim improvements to Sunset ends up pleasing no one. For once, I am in agreement with the Naysayers.   The “ interim improvements” have made it worse than it was before….with one big exception. The vast majority of the people now walking on Sunset Av.are using the new walkway. So ... »

Letter to the editor: Bike riders need to follow rules of road, pedestrian says

Dear Bike Riders, While I fully appreciate and support people using bicycles as a mode of transportation, I have a simple request: please use the Rules of the Road. I recall there are rules for bike-riders which include signaling turns into traffic. I thought there were also rules for riding on sidewalks, or walking paths, and signaling you are coming up behind a pedestrian. In years past, I remem... »

Letter to the editor: What should City Council do after approving a budget?

Dear Editor: I was recently provided copies of a public record request related to the SR 104 pedestrian crossing. The public records include an email to a City Council Member that contains the following statements: “As an outsider and a past owner of numerous businesses I am surprised that the City Council has not happily delegated this sort of action to those who are hired to implement the ... »

Letter to the Editor: Traffic and parking at Westgate

Dear Editor: I have a fondness for the idea of an urban village. I imagine picking up groceries at a series of little specialty shops, pleasantly conversing with each shopkeeper, then walking home to prepare a romantic dinner. It would be like living in Paris. When I first heard about efforts to change Westgate into an urban village, that’s what I pictured. But having looked at what’s planned, I j... »

Letter to the Editor: How the City of Edmonds defines economic development

Dear Editor: The Edmonds City Council frequently has issues before it related to economic development, including Westgate, the BID (Business Improvement District), Highway 99 and the EDC (Economic Development Commission). I wanted to share what I believe is the most recently adopted definition of Economic Development, from the Edmonds City Council minutes of 9/24/2002: The undertaking of very spec... »

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