Letter to the Editor: Thanks to all who supported Rotary gifts for children in need

Dear Editor: Every year the Rotary Club of Edmonds provides gift giving trees to support the CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates for Children) and the Volunteer Guardian ad Litem Program. These programs provide court-appointed special advocates for children who are victims or alleged victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect. This past year, we processed 289 requests. Miraculously, we... »

Letter to the Editor: Need to get ball rolling on emergency vehicle access at waterfront

Dear Editor: Tonight on the Edmonds City Council Agenda is the issue of emergency vehicle access at the waterfront. I strongly believe this needs to be high on the city’s list of priorities. Why do I believe this? Well, I have lived in Edmonds for 20 years. Of those years, I have been stranded on the other side of the tracks a handful of times. Most of the time it is because the train had so... »

Letter to the Editor: I support Sunset Avenue Sidewalk Project

Dear Editor: Below is a copy of the letter that I sent to Public Works Director Phil Williams regarding the Sunset Avenue Sidewalk Project: Dear Mr. Williams; I am writing to voice my support of the Sunset Avenue Sidewalk Project. I work in downtown Edmonds and enjoy taking my lunch break to walk along Sunset Avenue. It is amazing to me that such a gorgeous view cannot be enjoyed fully because I a... »

Letter to the Editor: MS Helping Hands says thanks to Icon Grill for partnership

Dear Editor: MS Helping Hands and Donor Closet (MSHH) would like to thank the Icon Grill in Seattle for their community involvement. Icon Grill hosted a community night on Tuesday, Nov.  19, 2013 at their downtown Seattle restaurant. Not only did the customers at the Icon Grill receive spectacular service and incredible food, 15 percent of the sales are being donated to MSHH in Edmonds. MSHH is a ... »

Letter to the Editor: Thanks from Adrienne Fraley-Monillas

Dear Editor: I was pleased to see that Mr. Wambolt has conceded our city council race this past weekend. I would like to thank the dozens of volunteers who helped out during this campaign. I couldn’t have done it without each one of you!! I will continue in the next four years to work for all the citizens of Edmonds no matter where you live. While we reached out to voters across our city it ... »

Letter to the Editor: Another political campaign has ended

Dear Editor: My pursuit of a City Council position began in March, eight months ago, and it has been the center of my daily activities every day since then. Now I am disappointed and sad to learn that this endeavor has come to an unsuccessful conclusion. There are only an estimated 150 ballots remaining to be counted; the final report on the total vote will be Nov. 22. Numerous people have contrib... »

Letter to the Editor: City should talk to Hwy 99′s neighbors before dumping marijuana shops there

Dear Editor: The City Council and Planning Board are working to implement the new state initiative regarding cannabis business activities, and most importantly, location of the two shops that could open in Edmonds. Minutes from the Planning Board October 9 meeting give important information for the public. But they also point to several concerns that are left open-ended. The Board settled on locat... »

Letter to the Editor: A reminder of ‘corporate greed’

Dear Editor: Below is a letter of mine that appeared in The Seattle Times in May 2007. I was reminded of this issue as a result of the current discussions between our state government, Boeing and some of Boeing’s unions. I believe that our state legislature is doing the right thing by providing funding to have Boeing’s production of their new airplane be in Washington state, but this kind of black... »

Letter to the Editor: for Edmonds merchants, the true spirit of Halloween is giving

Dear Editor: A fellow merchant was approached by a long-time Edmonds citizen asking how much she got paid for handing out candy on Halloween. She found herself a bit speechless and he continued saying “the city buys all the candy for all the businesses and you get paid for handing it out, right”? She was more than a bit stunned, wondering if anyone else thinks that….as it is, all... »

Letter to the Editor: Getting at the truth

To the Editor: I spent my career in the business world, in which by far the majority of people that I dealt with were truthful. When running for an elected office the most frustrating aspect of it for me is the time you must waste repeatedly setting the record straight for statements made by my opponent. I am not talking about statements that are subjective and open for interpretation, I am talkin... »

Letter to the Editor: MS Helping Hands says thanks

Dear Editor: Especially when grants and funding are hard to come by for our type of services, MS Helping Hands and Donor Closet want to thank our generous continuing contributors, grantors, and various donors. Without them, we would not be able to provide the services we currently do. Since our inception in 1999, we have provided over $430,000 in financial assistance and recycled 200,000 pieces of... »

Letter to the Editor: Kristiana Johnson’s position on building heights in Edmonds

Edmonds is a unique place. Not just our downtown, but our neighborhoods too. I want to keep it that way. The building height issue, unfortunately, has been used in past and current elections to divide our community. The argument is framed as keep downtown Edmonds the way it is or get used to tall buildings blocking our views. No one wants tall buildings in the historic downtown. I am working to pr... »

Letter to the Editor: It’s time for the truth

Dear Editor: Edmonds voters are being mailed a “hit piece” by councilmember Adrienne Fraley-Monillas urging them to “Vote against Ron Wambolt”. Some have received it on Friday; the remainder of voters presumably will receive it in the next few days. The timing of this absolutely false “hit piece” was strategically set for this late in the campaign so that there would not be sufficient time to get ... »

Letter to the editor: Correct website for Kristiana Johnson

Dear Editor: In the process of doing some research relative to the current candidates for city council of Edmonds, I have found that the heretofore published campaign and informational website for Kristiana Johnson has been incorrectly listed.  The correct website is:  electkristianajohnson.com. For those who wish to learn more about her experience and key positions or post a comment, her website ... »

Letter to the Editor: Outside vs. inside support — you can’t have it both ways

Editor: I just received my campaign postcard for Strom Peterson. A nice presentation with message. But wait, there’s much more. I see a politician from outside Edmonds standing next to Strom. Gosh it’s that Democratic Mayor (of a sort) from Seattle, Mike McGinn. Then I see other Democrats, some living in D.C., another not even living in Edmonds these past many years, endorsing him. Wel... »

Letter to the Editor: Leadership requires commitment

Editor: Many Edmonds residents may not recall the definitive feedback results presented in April, 2009 by the 60-plus participants on the Edmonds Citizen Levy Review Committee. Their work included a broad study of [still] ongoing budgetary/fiscal challenges facing our city. Their final report to the city concluded universally that Edmonds does not have a “spending problem”, but a ̶... »

Letter to the editor: Shedding light on City Council candidate Randy Hayden

Dear Editor: I was among the 1,500 recipients of an email message from former Edmonds City Councilmember Michael Plunkett asking us elect Randy Hayden to the city council. Mr. Plunkett’s message was that “special interests continue to run candidates that will support tall buildings on the Edmonds waterfront” and that Mr. Hayden, who is running against Kristiana Johnson, is on the record as an oppo... »

Letter to the Editor: Why I am supporting Adrienne Fraley-Monillas

The November election is quickly approaching and I’m writing to encourage everyone to exercise their freedom to vote. The higher the vote count, and the more we participate, the closer we get to “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” And speaking of democracy, I’d like to say why I support Adrienne Fraley-Monillas for Edmonds City Council, Position 3. Adrienne has spent the... »

Letter to the editor: Fraley-Monillas a candidate who ‘will listen to you’

To The Editor: Seeing all the yard signs for the November election, I felt an urgent need to publicly thank one of the candidates for re-election. I wondered if the voters of Edmonds were aware of the many hours of her busy life she has devoted to our senior community. Understanding the aging process and helping guide and direct those seniors in need has been an exceptional accomplishment! Thank y... »

Letter to the editor: Why local elections matter

To the Editor: The cause of the government shutdown is a direct outcome of party politics and special interest influence – at least that is what is being touted by both party lines. Regardless, the impact to the 800,000 plus federal workers, to those who contract with the government, to our Veterans, and to businesses throughout the country will have lasting financial effects on a local level. As ... »

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