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Mayor’s guest column: A tale of two entities

Mayor’s guest column: A tale of two entities

This submission is the latest in a series of guest columns on city issues, provided by Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling’s office. It was the best of times. A new business comes to Edmonds. Jacobsen’s Marine to invest $2 million to construct a new 10,000 square foot retail center along Admiral Way at the Port of Edmonds Marina. Economic development in action. The City and the Port working together ... »

Port of Edmonds Commission report for Feb. 24

The Port of Edmonds Port Commission held a regular meeting at 7 p.m., Monday, Feb. 24. The commission: • approved the Port’s Revised Strategic Plan as discussed and directed at the Commission retreat in January. • approved updates and revisions to the Port’s Master Plan, together with west- and east-side plans, merging the three into a single document. • Heard a report on the Port’s summertime Sea... »

Additional details from Monday night’s Port of Edmonds meeting

Port of Edmonds Executive Director Bob McChesney provided expanded information on the Monday, Feb. 24, Port Commission meeting, which included senior staff reports on operations and financial results for 2013. Marina operations and facilities demonstrated continued excellent performance with 95 percent financial occupancy for wet moorage, and 94 percent in dry storage. Fuel sales posted a year ove... »

Port of Edmonds Commission report for Feb. 24

The Port of Edmonds Commission at its regular meeting Feb. 24: • Heard a summary of fourth-quarter 2013 reports on the Port’s Harbor Square Business Campus. • Heard a detailed summary of fourth-quarter marina operations and five-year comparative statistics. • Received preliminary year end financial statements. The commission’s next meeting will be a workshop at 7 p.m. Monday, March 10, in th... »

Edmonds Port Commission report for Monday, Feb. 10

At the Monday, Feb. 10 Port of Edmonds Commission meeting, the commission: • Approved an emergency appropriation and waiver of competitive bidding to repair unexpected broken water mains and pipes on Port property. • Accepted as complete the Harbor Square Building 5 emergency roof overlay contract. • Tabled consideration of the Port’s Revised Strategic and Master Plans pending further review and p... »

Monday’s Edmonds Port Commission Report

The Edmonds Port Commission at its regular meeting Monday: • Heard and accepted the 2013 List of Small Works Roster contracts awarded. • Received an update on the Port’s sling launcher renovation and upgrade. All elements are on schedule and work should be completed in time for the beginning of the 2014 peak boating season. • Authorized the purchase of a compact utility tractor that can be modifie... »

Port of Edmonds commission meeting report for Jan. 13

From the Port of Edmonds comes the following report on Monday night’s commission meeting: The commission: • Held a workshop session on a site condition survey of buildings in the Port’s Harbor Square business campus. No action is taken at workshop sessions. • Extended the Port’s Attorney Retainer Agreement for an additional three years with no changes in terms or fees. • Approved the 2014 co... »

Port of Edmonds Commission Report

The Port Commission of the Port of Edmonds at its meeting last week elected the following commission officers for 2014: President, Mary Lou Block; Vice President, David Preston; Secretary, Bruce Faires. The port also: • Formalized the dates and locations for 2014 Port Commission meetings: second and last Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the Port Commission meeting room. • Approved a prepayment o... »

Edmonds Port Commission Report for Aug. 12

Here’s a summary of what happened during Monday night’s Port of Edmonds Commission meeting: • Staff presented the schedule for development of the 2014 Port budgets. Public hearings are scheduled for Oct. 14 and 28 and Nov. 12. • As part of the initial discussion of the budgeting process, the commission reviewed the Port’s several marketing promotions. • Received an update on three sign... »

Edmonds Port report

The Edmonds Port Commission at its Monday night meeting: - Approved a contract for an overlay on the roof of Harbor Square Building 2. The original underlying roof was built in 1984, is leaking and is well beyond its useful life. - Accepted the completed work for Phase I electrical upgrades to electrical service feeders to guest moorage and the TraveLift lane. - Approved an estimate to replace wor... »

Port of Edmonds withdraws application for Harbor Square plan

Updated at 4:46 p.m. Tuesday with Mayor Dave Earling’s comment The Edmonds Port Commission sent a letter to the City of Edmonds Tuesday morning stating that it is withdrawing the Port’s application for a modification to the City’s comprehensive plan concerning redevelopment of the aging Port-owned Harbor Square Business Complex at Dayton Avenue and Highway 104. The letter, approved during ex... »

Harbor Square Master Plan back on council agenda Tuesday night

The Edmonds City Council has allocated 90 minutes Tuesday night to continue its discussion on incorporating the Harbor Square Master Plan into the City’s Comprehensive Plan. At last week’s meeting, after making it clear that the council is no longer considering a controversial Port of Edmonds plan for the property but a city staff-generated plan, councilmembers spent two hours examining a ci... »

Edmonds Port Report: The City and the Port, they are not one and the same

By Bob McChesney, Executive Director Port of Edmonds Here is a yes-or-no question that you can’t get wrong. Is the Port of Edmonds part of the City of Edmonds? Both answers are correct, up to a point. Let me explain. Yes, the Port is part of Edmonds in the same way each home and business that lies within the city boundaries is a part of it. For example, all our activities need to meet city codes a... »

Edmonds Port Report, March 11

Here’s a recap of the March 11 Edmonds Port Commission meeting: •   Received a presentation from and agreed to a statement of support for the Guard and Reserve agency. •   Heard a report on the use of the Port’s Wi-Fi service, which was implemented in July 2012. •   Announced that last year’s highly successful Sea Jazz program featuring Edmonds School District musicians will again be providi... »

Edmonds Council rejects move to scrap Harbor Square proposal; city staff to tackle revisions

Edmonds City Council President Lora Petso’s proposal to reject a Port of Edmonds plan for redeveloping the Harbor Square business complex failed on a 3-4 vote Tuesday night. Instead, the port’s concept will be sent to city staff for modifications based on council input, with the goal of bringing it back to councilmembers for their review by March 19. Later in the meeting, the Council a... »

My view of the Harbor Square Redevelopment Plan

By Chris Keuss I am responding to public comments made to the City Council and letters in the news media regarding the Harbor Square Redevelopment Plan. Several speakers and letter writers, in opposition to the proposal, gave incorrect or misleading information.  Much of this I am sure you are aware. I encourage the Council to keep an open mind to an opportunity that may not be available again in ... »

Why I oppose the Harbor Square Master Plan

By Joan Bloom Edmonds City Council I love Edmonds. I love the way the sun dips below the clouds as it sets after a long overcast day. I love the rainbows that appear when the sun pops from behind a cloud while it’s raining. I love that my children were raised here. I love that I know so many people who live and work here. I love that I am in a position to be one of the stewards of our city&#... »

Citizens invited to have their say on Port’s concepts for Harbor Square

A reminder that the Edmonds City Council will hold a public hearing Tuesday, Dec. 4 to take citizen comments on a proposed amendment to include the Port of Edmonds Harbor Square Master Plan in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Two hours has been allotted for the public hearing and according to the Council agenda will start around 8:30 p.m. (The council meeting itself begins at 7 p.m.) Citizens are en... »

Edmonds Port Commission meeting report for Monday, Nov. 26

The Edmonds Port Commission took the following actions at a special meeting Monday night: •   Heard a report on the Fall 2012 meeting of the Pacific Coast Conference of Harbormasters and Port Managers held at Winchester Bay, Oregon, on October 10-12. •   Approved a policy change allowing recreational vehicle storage in an underutilized area of Port property. When spaces are available, they will be... »

Edmonds Port Commission Report for Nov 13

The Edmonds Port Commission at its Tuesday, Nov. 13 meeting took the following actions: - Held the third and final of three public hearings on the draft 2013 Port Operating and Capital Budgets. - Approved a resolution establishing the amount of property tax to be levied in 2013 as $400,000. - Approved a resolution banking excess levy capacity for 2013. - Approved a resolution adopting the 2013 Por... »

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