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  1. Teresa! This is a great public service, thanks for doing this. It’s a very effective way to let Edmonds voters know who the heck they’re voting for…or against. Thanks again.

  2. Vote for Randy Hayden! He is honest and trustworthy. He is a true patriot who has common sense!

  3. Well done and, as Karen said, a great public service! I can attest to the honesty and integrity of Randy Hayden! He will not let the City of Edmonds down, if given the opportunity to serve!

  4. Randy Hayden is an honest concerned citizen who will do what’s best to preserve Edmonds economic future and your success in the community. He will make sure the necessary services are provided without letting Edmonds become an unruly bureaucracy that promises too much and can’t pay its bills.

  5. A vote for Randy Hayden, is a vote for the citizens, a vote for a responsible public servant.

  6. At this point in my life after a recent personal tragedy, I really have little desire to be active politically. As we all know, politics can get very negative and distasteful and I really want to avoid that kind of stress. I do however want to make one exception from staying out of this political craziness altogether this year and that is to voice my strong support for Kristiana Johnson in her effort to retain her City Council seat.

    My hats off to any candidate who is willing to run for City Council at Edmonds, it is tough to step up and run for office. The pay alone is not worth the stress and trouble that comes with the job unless you really have a passion for what you are getting into. My vote is for Kristiana because of my personal experience observing her volunteer efforts on citizen committees (Transportation and the Planning Board) for the City.

    I previously worked for Edmonds for 16 years and now have worked 3 more years for the City of Bothell as Utility Manager. I would like to note that during my time as a staff member at Edmonds I was fortunate to work with many great people who volunteered their time to work on committees and work groups. As the Staff representative and later a member on the Transportation Committee I worked with over 20 different volunteers in that capacity. Four members later became Councilmembers and additionally one former councilmember served on the committee as well. In this regard I was fortunate to work with a lot of terrific people.

    If I had to cite the hardest working most productive member of all those committees and work groups, it would be an easy choice, Kristiana Johnson. Kristiana is very bright, very knowledgeable regarding municipal affairs (she worked for many years as a planner for a municipality), she is an excellent listener, and now with short term experience under her belt will undoubtedly become a great Councilmember. We truly need more people like Kristiana on the Council, please join me helping her retain her seat,

    Don Fiene

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