By pressing play you agree to not abuse sensitive information and understand this stream is provided for public safety information ONLY. Be aware the stream may go offline to protect the identity of the individuals and officers involved in certain incidents. Any misuse of this online scanner feed will most likely lead to criminal charges and the removal of the feed.

Agency List

EMS Call Signs and City Codes

Police Call Signs and City Codes

Unit Designators:

‘Edward’ units = Edmonds

‘Lincoln’ units = Lynnwood

‘Tom’ units = Mountlake Terrace

‘Boy’ units = Brier

‘William’ units = Woodway

‘Ocean’ units = Mukilteo

‘King’ units = Mill Creek

SnoCom codes: (Note that we have excluded some codes at police request for public safety/public privacy reasons.)

10-3 use tac-2

10-6 busy

10-8 clear (+ disposition code)

10-9 repeat

10-11 out of car on portable radio

10-19 enroute

10-15 juvenile in custody

10-21 phone call

10-22 disregard

10-28 check plate for owner name & address + vehicle type

10-29 check plate for stolen/wants

10-47 arrived

10-49 tow truck