Party like a polar bear on New Year’s Day!

Photograph of a past Polar Bear Swim, courtesy of Daphne's website.

Sponsored by the Edmonds Uplift Society, the Polar Bear Swim is an annual Edmonds tradition for those hearty souls who believe that a cold dip in Puget Sound is the best way to start the New Year. Gather at Daphne’s Cafe at 425 1/2 Main St. at 11 a.m. for the walk to Brackett’s Landing, where the immersion begins, ending with beers around the fire at Rory’s.

2 Replies to “Party like a polar bear on New Year’s Day!”

  1. We were down at Brackett’s Landing at 11:00AM but didn’t see any “Polar Bears.” And Daphne’s was closed. What happened?


    1. I’m checking into that – I was at Brackett’s Landing for a while as well, hoping to get a photo, but never saw anyone either.


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