The Gossip Gals: Making a splash in 2010?


    One thing is certain: Our Gossip Gals like a good party. In their latest post, Betty and Veronica discuss their options for ringing in The New Year:

    Veronica: I can’t decide what to do New Year’s Eve! Too much to choose from in Edmonds!

    Betty: I know! I’ve heard good things from last year’s party at Our Place: great four-course dinner and live music at midnight! What about The Babe?

    Veronica: Heard they are also doing dinner and competing hard on price. But I also hear that the other place across the street has some fun going on.

    Betty: Fun in the Sun will have the cheapest prices for sure, and no need to dress up. Haven’t heard much about the west side of town — maybe other readers can chime in with what they know. I just want to kiss 2009 goodbye and ring in 2010 with some excitement!!

    Veronica: Excitement will be the next morning at the beach by the ferry terminal. Craziness!

    Betty: Oohh? Tell me more!

    Veronica: The Place Down the Block hosts the annual polar bear swim, and tons of people show up to watch and partake. Are you in?

    Betty: Definitely, I’ll be there!! Brrrr!

    Veronica: No way! You going in the drink?

    Betty: I will bring you an extra towel!

    Veronica: No chance! You will not see me anywhere near the water’s edge! But I’m happy to cheer you on with all the other Edmonds personalities.

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