Police Blotter


    The highlight of this week’s police blotter? A homeowner’s report of something unusual thrown on his house and vehicle. Hint: It wasn’t eggs but it WOULD make a good sandwich.

    Jan. 2:

    900 block of Main Street: A driver reports to police that he swerved to avoid a raccoon in roadway and hit a pole.

    Jan. 3:

    600 block of Walnut Street: An intoxicated woman loses control of her vehicle in the early morning hours, traveling over a sidewalk and through a landscaping wall, hitting a white picket fence. She was arrested for DUI.

    Jan. 4:

    -9600 block of 236th Street Southwest: A homeowner reports that he came home to interrupt a burglary is progress, and saw the burglar leave the residence in a vehicle.

    -8700 block of 182nd Place Southwest: A mustard and bologna was thrown on the victim’s vehicle and residence.

    -22100 block Highway 99: Police investigate a woman screaming in a motel room and arrest a 20-year-0ld man for assault, domestic violence and violation of a no-contact order.

    Jan. 6:

    -7400 block 208th Street Southwest: A woman tells police that she broke up with her fiance, who is now making threats that he will lie to the courts about her being a bad mother so that he will get custody of their daughter.

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