City Council activity report for January 2010

The following report was submitted by Edmonds City Council President Steve Bernheim regarding City Council actions taken during the month of January.

The Council took the following unanimous votes

– authorized sprinkler exemptions for emergency homeless shelter

– awarded tourism grants

– assessed sewer connection fees

– confirmed appointments of Todd Cloutier and Kristiana Johnson to the Planning Board and Mary Monfort to the Citizens Economic Review Commission

– modified Channel 21 guidelines and approved broadcast of a Martin Luther King documentary

– renamed a street

– approved lobbying and legal services contracts

– voted to lobby Olympia for funds to construct a pedestrian overpass of the railroad tracks along the waterfront.

The Council also took the following contested actions:

– voted 4-2 without current design review, to approve a contract for a Sound Transit parking lot at the ferry terminal (Wilson, Bernheim against)

– voted 4-2 without Planning Board review, to implement a new notice of violation and fine procedure (Wilson, Bernheim against)

– agreed by a 4-2 vote to restore the City Council’s authority to decide certain planning and zoning appeals (Wilson, Peterson against)

– voted 4-2 to appoint Diane Buckshnis to the City Council (Wilson, Peterson voted for Ron Wambolt)

– decided 5-2 to lobby Olympia to change adult marijuana possession from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction (Wilson, Plunkett against)

– voted 5-1 to reject Lois Broadway, Mayor Haakenson’s proposed appointment to the Planning Board (Peterson against)

– voted 5-1 without any Planning Board review, to require unfunded advisory-only hearing examiner analysis of city real estate transactions (Bernheim against)

In addition to budget and planning proposals brought to it by the Mayor, the City Council may be considering the following items in the near future:

– expanded zoning in mutli-family areas along Highway 99

– limits on campaign contributions for local campaigns

– installing recycle waste bins downtown

– whether to have public votes on tax increases for general operations or Yost Pool redevelopment

– additional renewable power purchases by the city

– banning polystyrene food service containers

– revising building codes to reduce environmental costs

– temporary diversion of selected downtown parking spaces for occasional pedestrian use

– waterfront-area development opportunities.

“If you have concerns and suggestions about any of these topics or if you have a good idea about what the City Council should do, please don’t hesitate to let us know,” Bernheim said. “So that your message reaches the right people and is properly preserved, please contact any of us by e-mail to the City Council’s executive assistant at .”

If you have a volunteer or nonprofit opportunity or activity in Edmonds that you’d like to publicize, you can put your name on the list of those speaking to the City for up to five minutes at the beginning of City Council meetings, held at 7 p.m. on most Tuesday evenings at the Council Chambers in the Public Safety Building. Some restrictions apply. Contact for details.

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