Edmonds City Council approves money to make museum repairs, names park

The Edmonds City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to authorize $100,000 for repairs to the Edmonds Historical Museum located in downtown Edmonds (thus allowing the city to take advantage of a matching grant) and to name the city’s newest park, located at 162nd Street Southwest and 75th Place West, Haines Wharf Park.

More details on both votes, as well as a report on other council action, will be coming soon.

2 Replies to “Edmonds City Council approves money to make museum repairs, names park”

  1. Hoooay for Haines Wharf Park overlooking peaceful Browns Bay! Hooray for the sidewalk extensions completing a safe walking route to the new park from Perrinville. Boo for the new fence over the Browns Bay rail crossing preventing easy access to the beach!


  2. Ditto – Hooray for Haines Wharf Park!! I loved fishing off the pier as kid and even though the structure is being weathered by winter storms and decaying into the bay at least it’s memory will be honored. A double ditto for the chain link fence that prevents access to beach!


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