The Great Edmonds Adventure: More details coming in April


    Intrigued by rumors of The Great Edmonds Adventure – otherwise known as the GEA? Mayor Gary Haakenson has tweeted about it, the event has a Facebook Page and the word is getting around.

    According to the official event website, the GEA is being organized in partnership with the Sno-King Youth Club, and will take place Aug. 21 around downtown Edmonds. Each team of two will be responsible for solving clues to arrive at a task, and each task must be completed and officially checked off to get the next clue.

    “There will be approximately 15 tasks to complete. The faster the better, but that doesn’t always mean fast by foot; it could mean fast in the brain!” the website warns. “Choose your partner wisely. There are different skill sets you may need, but you need to be ready for anything!”

    Registration begins in April, so check back for more details.

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