City Council to hear report on pedestrian bridge to ferry terminal


Washington State Department of Transportation staff will update the Edmonds City Council Tuesday night on a project to build a pedestrian bridge aimed at providing a safe walking route for those going to and from the Edmonds Ferry Terminal Building. The council meeting starts an hour earlier than usual — at 6 p.m. — in the council chambers at 250 5th Ave. N.

The proposed project would connect ferry terminal on the west side of Railroad Avenue to the east side of right-of-way south of Main Street. According to the council agenda, this is an Equal Value Exchange (EVE) Design-Build project in which WSDOT Ferries Division property (in this case, the parking lot south of the Skippers site near Main Street) will be exchanged as payment to a private entity for providing the pedestrian facilities.

More details, including drawings of the project, can be found here.

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