Police Blotter: Domestic spat(ula) incident results in arrest


Remember those old television shows where wives threw dishes at their husbands, or maybe went after them with a frying pan? For one Edmonds couple, the instrument of choice was a plastic spatula, which a 66-year-old woman used against her 67-year-old husband during an argument. The March 18 spatula attack left a visible injury,  according to Sgt. Don Anderson of the Edmonds Police Department, resulting in the wife being arrested and charged under Washington state’s domestic assault law.

Other recent reports include:

March 13: A grocery store in the 23600 block of Highway 99 reported that unknown suspects stole four, 30-packs of beer.

March 14: A suspect was apprehended at a store in the 21900 block of Highway 99 after shoplifting a crossword puzzle book.

March 18: A woman called police to report that her intoxicated ex-boyfriend was repeatedly knocking on the door of her home in the 7300 block of 213th Place Southwest, refusing to leave.

March 24: A traffic stop in the 22200 block of Highway 99 at 7:26 a.m. resulted in a DUI and other traffic-related arrests, plus a felony arrest for heroin possession.

March 25: Three adult females were arrested after stealing merchandise from a store in the 24100 block of Highway 99.

March 26: A patron at a Highway 99 tavern reported that an unknown suspect stole a jacket that was hanging on a rack. In the jacket pocket were several items, including a checkbook, pocket knife and picture ID.

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