My Edmonds News to partner with The Seattle Times


The Seattle Times announced Tuesday that it is is expanding its partnerships with local news Web sites, including My Edmonds News. The announcement brings the Times’ total number of partner Web sites to 27. (See the complete list, along with their latest headlines.)

“We are excited to be associated with The Seattle Times, and we look forward to working with the Times and other community news sites on future projects that will improve news coverage for the Edmonds community,” said Teresa Wippel, My Edmonds News founder and publisher. This partnership will also generate additional site traffic, adding value for My Edmonds News advertisers, Wippel said.

In addition to My Edmonds News, The Times has formed new partnerships with the following sites::

The Times’ effort to build community-news relationships began last August with the launch of the Networked Journalism project. Read about that project here.

The other partner sites are:

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