Letter to the editor: How much is an unobstructed view worth?

What is Councilman D.J. Wilson thinking by supporting his investor and building friends in their effort to destroy the visual quality and character of both the waterfront and downtown Edmonds?What’s  in it for him? Follow the money and I think you will have your answer. 

Please do not support Councilman D.J. Wilson’s efforts to increase up to 50 feet the current building code height in order to build taller buildings in downtown Edmonds and along its waterfront. Just how much money is an unobstructed view of the sound really worth?

Elizabeth V. Adair

  1. Ms. Adair–

    You may have been given some false information. Here are the facts related to that which you discuss here.

    1) The Port of Edmonds owns a parcel known as Harbor Square. They have discussed a rezone to include up to about 5 stories in height. That is their idea – not mine. I simply put it on the table in an open forum for discussion.

    2) The Port’s interest in 5 stories does not include the downtown. Nor does it include any parcels immediately on the waterfront. It is only for the Harbor Square property.

    3) I don’t know what you are suggesting when you say “follow the money.” Again, this is the Port’s property. The Port is a public agency led by 5 publicly elected commissioners. There is nothing in this for me other than trying to get our community moving forward with a visioning process that will hopefully lead to a dynamic re-development of the area between the railroad tracks and the downtown area.

    You are apparently getting some bad information, Ms. Adair. If you have concerns about me, please never hesitate to contact me directly with questions. My email is djwilson@ci.edmonds.wa.us.

  2. Ms. Adair;
    Please also refer to Mayor Haakenson’s response to a letter written by another citizen with similar concerns.
    I’m not an elected official, so I don’t have to pull any punches. The misinformation that is now rampant throughout the city is coming from one Mr. Plunkett. He has irresponsibly published several letters recently, including letters mis-characterizing the City Council’s own actions with regard to the process for discussing the area in question.
    There are only two ways to explain Mr. Plunkett’s recent false statements: he either doesn’t understand what’s going on in City Council, or he’s trying to spin this process for political advantage. I believe it’s the latter. I base this on the fact that his misinformation consistently targets Mr. Wilson (and not the other two on the same subcommittee, curiously), and reiterates his fear-based campaign against the mythical “Tall Building People”.
    I’m tired of this “Defender of the Faith” act that Mr. Plunkett puts on to distract from deeper issues. The one and only issue right now is money. The City is broke. The Fire District contract did not make up our budget shortfall as predicted, and we have millions of dollars of exposure to potential medical liability claims, that we have consistently underfunded. We’re in deep financial trouble, one medical bill away from bankruptcy, and we’ll need a levy to get out. Soon. I’d say, “Follow the money”, but it’s all gone.
    Now, refresh my memory. Who is the chair of the Finance Committee that screwed this all up? What if he’s thinking of running for Mayor? Would you want someone who so consistently fails to execute his job, then throws up a smoke screen of lies, to be our next Mayor? Just checking.
    I apologize for my verbal bluntness, but 24 years in the Navy taught me to absolutely despise, and crush, those who try to deceive for personal gain.

  3. Todd:

    Time for a reality check here:

    I don’t apologize for bluntness, when is comes to blatant deceit and misrepresentation of the truth.

    Both the Haakenson and Wilson are claiming there are no current proposals to raise building heights and change the zoning on the Edmonds waterfront.
    False statement: 190 Sunset Ave S – has applied for a rezone.

    Wilson says don’t following the money. The owner of the property at 190 Sunset Ave S, ESC Associates contributed $3,000 to Mr. Wilson’s campaign.

    For information on the rezone and SEPA see City’s Website: https://permits.edmonds.wa.us/citizen/PermitInfoM.aspx?permit_id=PLN20090051&CONID=PT-LIVE

    For information on the contribution see Public Disclosure Commission Website: http://www.pdc.wa.gov look for Donald J Wilson and C3 Report 10/8/2007, on 10/3/2007 ESC Asssociates contribution amount $3,000.

    To assert this citizen has bad information is like President Nixon claiming he was not a crook and President Clinton claiming I did not have sex with that woman!

    Sorry Todd, you been a sea to long! Thanks for serving our country and community. Please don’t excuse the misinformation from Mr. Wilson and Mr. Haakenson and attack a citizen making factual and on point allegations.

  4. Finis: Sounds like we’re on the same side here, just that we’re talking about two different proposals.
    — Is there a proposal on the 190 Sunset Ave. S property? Yep. Owner make campaign contributions? Yep. This is old news. Read Plunkett’s mailers from last year – he lied about who that money went to then – you have the right PDC data. This proposal has yet to make it’s way to the Council, but it will. But this isn’t what the letter above is talking about.
    — The issue at hand is this: is there a secret cabal that is making decisions to raise building heights along the water without public input or consent, with Wilson as its leader? And was the recent presentation to the City Council evidence of such a cabal? And are Bernheim and Buckshnis now mythical “Tall Building People,” too?
    — The answer is not only no, it’s hell no. The subcommittee had City Council tasking to gather information – NOT to conduct public hearings – and they did just that. Hearings come later in the process. Plunkett knows this, but he intentionally misrepresents the character of the presentation for personal political gain.
    — I apologize if I wasn’t clear in my prior post. I was focusing on Harbor Square and other Port owned property, as that’s the where the “Wilson wants 50 ft” lie came from. I am fully aware of the Sunset Ave proposal from last year (which is for 75 ft!) and agree with your data.
    — Though people thank me for my service, I’d like to thank you for YOURS. The whole reason we have a country isn’t due to the military, it’s due to informed and engaged citizens. Keep it up and keep ’em honest!

  5. It’s true. DJ, the Queen of England and Colonel Sanders have all joined together to destroy Edmonds. Their irrational hatred cannot be stopped. Soon the black helicopters will begin their invasion and all will be lost!

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