Letter to the editor: Preserve our views

To the editor:

I have sent an email to each of the Edmonds City Council members asking that city building ordinances that preserve our distinctive “on-the-water, picturesque-town, gorgeous-sound view” image be maintained. DO NOT INCREASE THE BUILDING HEIGHT THAT IS ALLOWED ON WATERFRONT PROPERTIES.

As residents, guests and tourists walk or drive through our lovely town, there are multiple opportunities to look west, and enjoy the view of the water and the Olympics. These opportunities are afforded by the openness that is granted by spaces where there are no buildings, one-story buildings, and relative low “high-rise” buildings.  The desirabity of either visiting or living in Edmonds to a large extent rests on the proximity to both the water and the mountains and the vistas throughout the downtown area. 

Our current height restrictions on waterfront properties make this possible.  Please do not destroy the image of Edmonds and the desirability of living or visiting our town by increasing the height restriction by up to 20 feet to the proposed 38-50 feet code.

The image of a waterfront packed with 50-foot buildings is all too clear. While those residents/businesses occupying those buildings would enjoy every benefit of the view, countless others would have their opportunities taken away, never to return. This is not necessary. Fifty-foot buildings could be constructed in other locales, and the waterfront ambiance and flavor of beautiful Edmonds could be maintained.

Marilyn Arnett

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  1. Thank you, Ms. Arnett, for a civil but clear and passionate statement asking to maintain Edmonds as the town that it is — which I have to believe is the reason many people moved here, or have remained here for decades.

    Anybody who wants to experience or live in a once-nice, once-small-town-feeling-but-no-more town, should just go to Kirkland. Kirkland USED to be a pleasant little town on the lake. Then came the on-going frenzy of build-up aimed at bringing in hundreds of people (who had no appreciation for its ambience as they had NOT been living in and supporting the town for years), at the expense of those who were already living there because they liked it the way it was. At the same time, and even after years of build-up and rezoning and urbanization, the City of Kirkland was still crying that they were cash-strapped. It would break my heart to see the same thing happen to Edmonds.

    I also believe it would be more sensible and prudent to let the “economic development,” occur anywhere else in the township besides the most unique part of an area be it Kirkland or Edmonds. As you stated, there is plenty of real estate away from the downtown area and the water (better yet, between 9th and the water), to build all of the high buildings desired. Edmonds as a whole is certainly large enough to encompass economic development somewhere other than the precious core, the heart, of the downtown/waterfront area.

    I add my voice: Edmonds town/waterfront is unique in its current delightful ambience — let’s keep it that way, PLEASE!

    Danene Warnock


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