More on Plunkett’s decision to delay pursuit of city manager government


Worries about the timing of a fundamental change in city government at the same time the Edmonds City Council is dealing with budget woes and labor negotiations — plus a possible levy before voters — caused Councilmember Michael Plunkett to postpone his efforts to change the city from a mayor- to a city manager-led governance structure.

Plunkett said he was confident that Edmonds voters would approve the measure if the council decided to put it on the ballot this fall. But the aftermath would be less than ideal, given that the council will be dealing with “one of the most difficult budgets it has ever faced,” he said.

The four-term councilmember said it’s possible that he may pursue the concept in 2011. In any case, he will send out a letter next year to everyone who has indicated their intent to run for mayor, “so that everyone has notice that the structure of government could change at some point.”

At the time that he floated the idea several weeks ago, Plunkett said that he believed the timing was right to introduce such a measure, since Mayor Gary Haakenson is nearing the end of his third term and has already stated he doesn’t plan to run again. Plunkett formally introduced the proposal to the Council last week.

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  1. Right decision, and for the right stated reason. There’s only one issue in this city: the economy (and its second order effects, such as the budget shortfalls).
    Though nobody really likes to pay more taxes, I wish we had voted on a levy last year, as the challenge is now double, based on what I heard at last week’s Council meeting.


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