Edmonds Police Blotter


We noted several reports of stolen bicycles in various neighborhoods during the last few weeks, so keep an eye — and a lock –on yours. Here’s a sample of other recent reports from the Edmonds police files:

May 31, 23400 block of 74th Avenue West: A woman told police that her roommate threatened to kill her if she moved out.

May 27, 7900 block 236th Street Southwest: Police responded to reports of a man urinating and masturbating in public. The suspect ran from police and once he was located, gave false information. After he was arrested, the suspect then intentionally damaged a police car.

May 26, 19700 Ocean Avenue:Police made contact with a man who had been texting his wife, depressed and possibly suicidal over possible legal separation or divorce. The man was taken to Stevens Hospital for a mental evaluation.

May 23, 9200 block 234th Place West: Unknown suspects vandalized a residence overnight using an egg-and-pasta mixture.

May 22, 7300 block 224th Street Southwest: A man reported that his wife was having relations with a registered sex offender, and that the relationship violates the offender’s probation.

May 20, 1400 10th Place West: An elderly female told police that her live-in caregiver had stolen several checks from her, forged her employer’s signature and wrote checks out to herself for a total of $1,850.

May 19, 23900 Highway 99: A man reported a stolen firearm after the friend that he gave it to “for safekeeping” pawned it.

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