Cooper to take oath of office Friday for Edmonds mayor


Mike Cooper, who was appointed Tuesday night to become mayor of Edmonds, will take the oath of Office at 4 p.m. Friday in the city’s Council Chambers, located in the Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N. Judge Stephen J. Dwyer will administer the oath. The public is welcome to attend.

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  1. The City Council made a good choice. Mike is my kind of guy. Either way we win, as Van Hollebeke would have also been a fine choice.

    It is, however, disappointing that the Council continued their recent practice of waffling on other important issues. Hopefully they will learn to walk and chew gum at the same time soon. We need decisiveness. Kudos for Peterson and Petso for their votes to permit

    Mike will probably make a smooth switch from legislator to manager. He has enough moxie to know not to compete with the Council as a legislator. And that will be a welcome change to the past 10 years,


  2. I agree with Mr. Martin, Mr. Cooper was a good appointment.
    Pulling the public hearing was a dis-service to all the citizens who had prepared to discuss it and make their points about the “City Mayor/City Manager” issue.
    I would compliment Mr. Peterson and Mr. Wilson for voting to let the hearing go forward. (The article here states it was Mr. Peterson and Mr. Wilson….maybe I missed Ms. Petso’s vote…but kudos to her also if she voted to let it go forward.)


  3. Council President Bernheim voted Tuesday night to pay our new inexperienced Mayor a yearly salary of $113,210. In 2008 he voted against paying that amount to our experienced Mayor Haakenson; he wanted Haakenson’s salary to remain at $101,412 – the amount that should have been paid to a new Mayor. Nowadays in our city it pays to be active in the Democratic party.

    It is a pity that partisan politics is now guiding our city council. We’ve all seen how partisanship has served us poorly in Olympia and D.C. We need to get back to independent members who study the issues and then make objective decisions.


  4. Mr. Wombolt:

    As I remember, Mr. Berheim also voted against Mr. Cooper for the appointment. And, I do not believe Mr. Bernheim is an active Democrat. At least, I have not seen him at a Democratic caucus in the last 4 years. He is as much of an active Democrat as you are an active Republican. Please get your facts straight.

    I would oppose any council member or Mayor from getting a pay raise until we can guarantee the same consideration for our labor — the people who actually keep the City going.

    Strong, Proud Democrat


  5. It is clear that bad ideas can come from anywhere on the political spectrum, and so can good ideas.
    I agree with Priya that the people who work in this City (political jobs excluded) should be paid and paid well. They are an enormous portion of what makes Edmonds a delightful place to be. (Watching Ms. Chase at the Council meetings, I am in absolute awe of the job she does and hope she is paid very well!) Although that intangible about the quality of life in Edmonds won’t show up on the balance sheet, it does exist.


  6. Priya:
    Mr. Van Hollebeke is also a Democrat. I did not say that Mr. Bernheim is an active Democrat.

    Strong, Proud Independent

    Diane T.

    I enjoy reading your postings, but why don’t you tell us who you are?


  7. @Ron, Bernheim’s cast his vote for a pay raise for the Mayor and that somehow related it to being an active Democra in Edmonds. I can fairly easily establish that Berheim is not an active Democrat.

    Now you say that you were actually talking about Mr. Van Hollebeke who is the Democrat. However, I don’t remember seeing Mr. Van Hollebeke at a recent meeting or caucus either. I can conclusively say that he is not an active Democrat. So, now what was your point?


  8. Sorry for my typos above. I think the statement is still cleat enough to understand with them.

    Standing in solidarity with Diane T.

    No last name Priya.


  9. Priya, if I lost an election by 20 points, I would also be reluctant to use my last name.

    Diane T.,
    Thanks for coming to my defense the other day. I don’t mean to rag on you, but anonimity does undermine credibility. You might consider using your last name, your comments will be stronger. Just my advice, its your choice.


  10. As for Mayor-elect Cooper… since that’s what this post was supposed to be about…. I wish him the best, and will continue to do everything I can to contribute to the success of the city. But not because he’s a D or an R, or even a TEA partyer. It’s because this is Edmonds, and we’ve got to stand shoulder to shoulder in order to move ahead.

    I invite you to be part of the solution. It is awfully tempting to whip out the one liners, but that contributes nothing … other than entertainment for the audience.


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