‘Edmonds Mills 1883’ mural complete


    The finished product! Note the trompe l'oeil "frame" around the entire picture, which makes it appear as though it's attached to the wall rather than painted on it.

    On Sunday, Edmonds artist Andy Eccleshall put the finishing touches on the Edmonds Mural Society’s latest offering, “Edmonds Mills 1883,” on the All State building west wall, at Second Avenue and Main Street.

    The completed mural is pictured here, along with photos of work in progress on both Saturday and Sunday.

    Remember that the Edmonds Mural Society is supported by memberships, which start at just $20 a year. For more information, visit www.edmondsmuralsociety.org.

    Andy Eccleshall applying details on Day 3.
    Working on the railroad tracks on Day 4.

    2 Replies to “‘Edmonds Mills 1883’ mural complete”

    1. I commend the Mural Society for the wonderful contributions they are making to the beauty of our downtown. No doubt the two current murals are much appreciated by all citizens; we look forward to what the future will bring. Thanks very much.


    2. It’s almost like looking through a window into another world. Stunning work. Now, let’s get busy spreading the word and drawing people in to the “outdoor gallery” that we are becoming!


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