Prosecutors dismiss charges against man arrested in Edmonds rape


Snohomish County prosecutors have dismissed rape charges against an illegal immigrant whose arrest in Edmonds sparked outrage because he had been deported 10 times before, according to The Seattle Times, an online news partner of My Edmonds News.

Jose Madrigal-Lopez, 46, pleaded guilty to a single count of misdemeanor indecent exposure last month after prosecutors dismissed the second-degree rape charges after concluding that the sexual contact may have been consensual, Snohomish County Attorney Mark Roe said Thursday.

Madrigal-Lopez was arrested after a witness saw him standing, with his pants down, over a woman outside an Edmonds supermarket.

The woman first told police that he had offered her $35 for sex and then raped her when she refused. Jail records indicate that she told police she was screaming for help, but a source familiar with the investigation said she changed her story.

More on the story can be found here.

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  1. It is time for a new Snohomish County Prosecutor. Mark Roe has been in office since late last year, but has been clearly ineffectual. He lost a child abuse trial which, in my opinion, was clear cut as the abuser admitted to the abuse. Now, he dismisses a rape charge simply because the woman may have been a prostitute? No means no, Mr. Roe! I will feel much safer when Jim Kenney, a proven prosecutor, is in that position. Please remember to vote for Jim Kenney for Snohomish County Prosecutor.


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