Snohomish County Council candidate D.J. Wilson releases endorsement list

Last week, we noted the endorsements received by Lynnwood City Councilmember Stephanie Wright, candidate for the Snohomish County Council position that was vacated by Mike Cooper after he was appointed Edmonds mayor. Edmonds City Councilmember D.J. Wilson, who is also running for the appointment, said he would have his endorsement list completed this week, and those are now posted on his website as follows:

Mark Hintz, Past Chair, Snohomish County Democrats; Karen Miller, former County Councilwoman; Darlene Fairley, Washington State Senate (D-32); Paull Shin, Washington State Senate (D-21); Nick Harper, State Senate candidate (D-38); David Simpson, former State Representative (D-38); Luis Moscoso, State Representative candidate (D-1); Laura Sonmore, Mountlake Terrace Mayor Pro Tem; Lora Petso, Edmonds City Council Member; Ron Wambolt, former Edmonds City Councilmember; Kim Cole, Lynnwood City Councilmember; Ned Daniels, former Lynnwood City Councilmember; Jim Kenny, Chair, Fire District 1 Commission; Larry Hadland, former Fire District 1 Commissioner; Priya Cloutier, Snohomish County Democratic Central Committee; Cliff Wells, Snohomish County Democratic Central Committee; Jean Hales, President, South Snohomish County Chamber of Commerce; Kerry St. Clair Ayers, Executive Director, Edmonds Community Foundation; Jay Tveidt, Past President, Lynnwood Rotary and Young Democrats of South Snohomish County.

Democratic party precinct committee officers will meet Saturday to choose three candidates to fill the remainder of Cooper’s term, which runs though 2011. County councilmembers will have the final say, voting in late August to pick Cooper’s successor.

  1. I am curious, D.J. left off Albert Dykes, the guy who sued the city to have a casino on the waterfront and also wants to build 6 stories building there. Al is one of DJ’s top supporters, giving him $3000 dollars in his last campaign. Shouldn’t Al Dykes and Edmonds Shopping Center Associates be on the list too?

  2. What’s going on here? Stephanie Wright lists State Senator Paul Shin on her emdorsement kisting. Now here comes DJ also claiming Senator Sjin as endorsing him. Who is being honest here?

    Also, how is it that not a single current member of the Edmonds City Council is on DJ’s list of emdorsees?

  3. Correction: My bad! Lora Petso, a current member of Edmonds City Council is on DJ’s list of endorsements!!

  4. Good grief…if you don’t like Mr. Wilson, then just say so. To question his honesty in his list of endorsments is just looking for a petty fight. In the end, who cares.
    If he does get the appointment, we will have a City Council with 3 appointed Council members and an appointed mayor. That should be something to worry about, particularly for the “let the people decide” contingent.

  5. @Mr. Orvis, Mr. Martin;
    Remember, we’re all trying to move forward and stick to facts these days.

    – A single $3000 campaign contribution from 2007 for a City Council seat is not germane to a PCO vote for a County Council appointment in 2010.

    – Read carefully before you post other accusations. It’s like Keystone Cops in the comments section here sometimes.

    I noted that neither of you made mention of what you felt made Mr. Wilson a suitable, or an unsuitable candidate for this appointment. I believe both Mr. Wilson and Ms.Wright are suitable candidates for this appointment, and applaud both of them for stepping forward. I also share Diane T.’s mixed feelings if Mr. Wilson were to win, but we have to play the hand we’re dealt.

    PCO votes are the only things that count, at this point – These endorsments are only there to sway undecided PCOs.

  6. Diane T,
    You’re right, if I don’t like Mr. Wilson, I should just say so. So here it goes:

    I don’t like Mr. Wilson.

    Here’s why:

    Mr. Wilson voted to shut out the public from land-use appeals before the council. Look, I always thought democrats were for open government, so why do democrats reward Mr. Wilson for closing government?

    Mr. Wilson continues to advocate for taller buildings on the waterfront, even though the public has said no! Aren’t the democrats for the public, so why do they reward DJ when he puts his view over the public?

    Mr. Wilson took $3000 from Albert Dykes and ESC Associates, who are Seattle developers who want casinos and 6 story buildings on the waterfront. The public has demonstrated its disdain for this. Yes, the Cloutiers will minimize Mr. Wilson’s actions, but who cares, they lost by 20 points, so what. And for Todd, his latest vote on the planning board shows he is no friend of the environment. I thought democrats were for the environment, not for the developers. So why do democrats reward DJ for taking this obscene contribution?

    Look, I thought democrats were for open government, for the public, and for the environment. So why do democrats back DJ? He against those things.

  7. Todd and Diane:

    I like DJ. He would be a good neighbor. However he is unsuitable as a county councilman because:
    1. Our former Mayor doesn’t even endorse him. He did originally, but now knows better.
    2. Wilson once made a motion to support closing of Yost pool and reducing senipr Center funding which died for lack of a second.
    3. He threatened to build fences around our parks to keep citizens out in the event a kevy failed.
    4. He takes record campaign contributions from a high rise developer.
    5. He stated he would horse trade building codes with developers.
    6. He voted to deny citizens appeal access to our city council.
    7. I don’t believe we shold kick our losers upstairs!.
    You asked for specifiics, so how does that grab you?

  8. The SnoCom Demos have spoken, They don’t like DJ either, 33 to11 to 1!!! Smart people, those democrats!!

  9. MR.Orvis I resent you insinuation your party affiliation makes you automatically for our against anything .I for one am tired of your reteric

  10. Well, that is a long list.
    Mr. Wilson was duly elected by the citizens of Edmonds regardless of how you may feel about him, or his positions, or his party affliations. Thankfully there won’t be another unelected councilperson just now.
    It is not clear to me what party affilation has to do with anything. The TBD is proposing a 200% increase in license fees, last I looked republicans are against taxes all together, and democrats oppose regressive taxes. So, party affiliation seems rather irrelevant.

  11. To answer your questions there were 3 duel endorsements. Paull Shin, Jim Kenny and Sheriff John Lovick.
    The PCO’s made there decision today and picked Stephine Wright by a 33 to 11 count over DJ. Both were good candidates. Now it is up to the remaining Council members to decide which one they will choose. At the meeting there was an unanimous consensus to pass the results on to the Council and that they follow the decision of the PCO’s and choose the top vote getter.
    As you may remember the Council did not do this last time in the appointment of County Prosecutor when they choose Mark Roe over Jim Kenny after the PCO’s voted 2 to 1 for Jim.
    Time to look on the positive and move on.

  12. @Mr. Anderson – nice reset to a civil tone based on facts and issues.

    @Mr. Orvis – interesting to see how you re-frame issues to make nothing more than accusational clauses, vice discussing issues on their merits. You can keep on with your vitriolic spewing, of course, it’s a free country. But someday, you will realize that people who see the same facts as you, but come to a different conclusion are not necessarily wrong or evil. They have different ways of looking at things.

    — Which is why I even asked you for your view on SEPA, as I respect your experience with land-use issues. But you only kept reiterating to the effect that ‘more administrative barriers are always good’. I disagree – I feel there must be a balance with the right checks in the right places, though this takes a lot more work to define.

    @Ray – Thanks. The way you phrased your concerns is appreciated. I may not agree with your conclusions, but can’t disagree that YOU feel that way.

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