Sustainable Edmonds wants to help your business save money

A thermal image taken during a recent energy audit at the law offices of Steve Bernheim in Edmonds.

Each year, businesses in Edmonds spend over $11 million on natural gas and electricity. That’s over $9,000 per business, per year! To try to reduce these energy bills, some local businesses have joined forces with Sustainable Edmonds’  pilot energy conservation project, called Save Energy Now. They’re finding that saving energy is not only good for the environment, but great for the bottom line.

But where does a business start to look for these savings? To answer this question, Sustainable Edmonds calls in the experts. Sustainable Edmonds has enlisted the help of a local energy contracting firm, EcoFab, to provide energy audits for homes and businesses as part of the Save Energy Now program at reduced rate.  EcoFab is one of the most experienced energy audit firms in the Northwest, and their audits have consistently shown ways for homes and businesses in Edmonds to save a bundle.

The energy audit includes a thermal imaging of the building, which locates leaks and areas requiring more insulation.  The photo here is a thermal image taken during a recent energy audit in Edmonds.  The dark areas in the photo show cool air leaking into the building through a fault in the structure.  Armed with information like these photographs, the business owner can tackle the most important projects first, and get the biggest bang for the buck.

If you operate a business, or own a business property, there are still a few spots available to join the Save Energy Now program. Contact Sustainable Edmonds at [email protected]

During the energy audit, a variable speed fan known as a blower door is mounted in a doorframe to measure air leakage.

–Submitted by Todd Cloutier, Sustainable Edmonds

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  1. Weatherizing and improving things isn’t as “sexy” as talking about massive solar panels and biofuels, but this is THE most cost-effective way to address energy usage.

    Electricity costs about 8 cents a kW-hr. Weatherizing, by saving money, effectively costs 4 cents per kW-hr saved. Yes, that means it makes money.

    Ok, that’s all facts and figures. The best part, is the feeling of running a more efficient business, and being a leader, moving Edmonds in the right direction.


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