‘An Edmonds Kind of Eve’ taking shape

Edmonds muralist Cheryl Waale is hard at work. (Photos courtesy of the Edmonds Mural Society)

Mural number 3 from the Edmonds Mural Society, “An Edmonds Kind of Eve,” is making an appearance on the wall at Very Taki Tiki Bar and Grill just east of the fountain at Fifth Avenue and Main Street. These photos were taken Friday.

Cheryl detailing her abstracted trees.

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  1. Just walked by today, coming home with bags from the farmer’s market, and saw Cheryl working away on the mural on the side of Taki Tiki. Interestingly, she’s able to keep painting in the rain. The intense colors are a very welcome addition – can’t wait to see it finished! Yet another reason to smile while walking our beautiful city.


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