‘Evening in Edmonds’ now complete at Very Taki Tiki

Muralist Cheryl Waale stands next to her completed work, "An Evening in Edmonds." (Photo courtesy of Edmonds Mural Society)

Mural No. 3 from the Edmonds Mural Society is officially complete. Cheryl Waale’s work can be viewed on the side of the Very Taki Tiki Bar located just east of the fountain at 5th Avenue and Main Street downtown. For more information on the Edmonds Mural Society, which is supported entirely by member donations, visit here.

One Reply to “‘Evening in Edmonds’ now complete at Very Taki Tiki”

  1. Beautiful work, Cheryl! Those colors will brighten up our Main Street for years to come. We’ve got a lot of work to do to spiff up our downtown before the Film Festival, but the murals are one giant step toward that end.


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