It’s official: Dick’s Drive-In will be in Edmonds!

Edmonds will be the new home to the Dick’s Drive-In, the restaurant chain announced this morning. The new restaurant will be located at the northwest corner of 220th and Highway 99.  More details to come soon!

  1. That is awesome!! Way to go City of Edmonds…now do the Burdett girls get lifetime burgers for their video??

  2. Thanks to everyone who helped get Dick’s to choose our city. Now the question is can I keep from stopping in there every day for lunch?

  3. This is a good outcome, given that many citizens of Edmonds like Dick’s. But before we all get carried away with this happening, will it provide any meaningful amount of revenue for Edmonds? I’m curious how much sales tax such an establishment is likely to bring to our city. The sales tax collected from the McDonald’s just to the north of where Dick’s will be located would be a good indicator. And whatever that figure is, it will be diminished some amount by the new Dick’s.

    Too bad that there was not a suitable site in our downtown area, as that would have attracted more traffic to our retail businesses.

  4. Interesting location choice – that’s right where Top Food and a very busy Starbucks (sadly, sans drive thru) are already located. I am trying to picture where the Dick’s will be, and if the Starbuck’s will try to add a drive through option to compete for business…

  5. Oh come on now Ron..the excitement of having a local iconic esablishment such as this located in Edmonds goes beyond the revenue we develop Edmonds into a sports tourism destination (we currently have over 60 basketball teams from all over the region playing at Edmonds High School on the weekends) and we are hosting the first Xmas Tournament in late December with over 60 teams from throughout the Northwest coming to town…all the kids will want to eat at Dick’s..just like when we attend the Best in The West in Yakima all the kids want to hit Sonic and Minors..when you land something like this we should celebrate the “putting Edmonds on the map” conversation..if Dick’s ownership didn’t think the revenue numbers were not going to be significant they would have put it elsewhere..enjoy!

  6. Mike:
    Undoubtedly Dick’s knows what they are doing and wouldn’t locate in a spot that wouldn’t meet their revenue needs. My concern, as I clearly stated above, is how much sales tax will a fast food establishment bring to Edmonds??? Hopefully its more than I’m anticipating.

  7. Wow Ron, why would you take a good thing, and just try and knock it down. I live up in stanwood, and would go out of my way when I am in that area to stop at Dick’s. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would do the same from all over washington

  8. I get you Ron..but one restaurant establishment isn’t going to bring a ton of sales tax to the city..I don’t know exactly our cut from sales within the city limits after all the state haircuts but I am guessing we need quite a bit of revenue to generate significant tax revenues..but setting the table so to speak is always a great if we can get a boutique hotel on the waterfront I think we will be making a larger dent!

  9. The city receives 0.85% of the sales tax that’s collected. A Dick’s may possibly have so much revenue that the small amount collected per transaction will aggregate to a figure comparable to a retail establishment.

  10. Ron (“Debbie Downer”) Wombolt:
    My guess is that Dicks (a well established name) will bring higher revenues than the empty shell of a building that exists there now. Anything is greater than zero!

  11. First off I think it is great that Dick’s is coming to Edmonds. Kudos to everyone from Mr. Clifton to the Burdett girls to everyone who voted online.

    As to your point Ron, I agree, from a purely financial stand point Dicks is not going to fix the financial issues Edmonds’ has. However, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Hopefully we can continue to grow small businesses in Edmonds and have a number of businesses; butcher’s, breweries, boutique hotels etc. that generate small numbers that equal a large sum.

  12. Dick’s will do us well financially and in creating a ‘destination’ that just another Starbucks and McDonalds can’t do. Actually those businesses should do better because of this decision. And Ron, you remember from our Hwy 99 Task Force meetings, that a target audience are the several thousand workers @ PREMERA and the hospital who now have another choice for eating. Besides this issue, I’m excited that the Spady family chose Edmonds as they bring much more than a good name and food to our community. I’m taken by the number of young folk they have helped through college w/o incurring student loan debt inparticular.

  13. @all: I’d like to add one more benefit for Edmonds. By bringing “destination” businesses, as well as keeping our downtown thriving with a critical mass of retail, we make Edmonds a more inviting place to live.
    We NEED more families to move to Edmonds, and this is just one more small reason for families to make their way out here, stop for a bite, and fall in love with the place. That is a boost we could certainly do with. If they come, spend their money, and go home…. that will be a small benefit, but far less that what we should be seeking.

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