Edmonds Police Blotter


Incidents at espresso stands got our attention in the most recent police files. First, there was “an anonymous complaint” Sept. 30 of indecent exposure at Java Juggs espresso stand at 212th and Highway 99. Just wondering who was indecent: A customer or a barista? And then, Oct. 9, a man reported that he was “punched by a bicyclist” in the drive-through at a coffee stand in the 23800 block of 100th Avenue West.

Oct. 9

7900 block 191st Street Southwest: A man entered a house through a window, assaulted his ex-girlfriend, prevents her from calling 911 and threatens to kill her. A police K-9 unit is unsuccessful in searching the area, but the suspect is arrested two hours later in Lynnwood.

7900 2121th Street Southwest: A woman reports that her ex-boyfriend is sending out nude photos of her.

Oct. 8

23900 block Highway 99: A man was arrested for attempting to pass a counterfeit $50 bill at a restaurant.

Oct. 5:

10100 Edmonds Way: A driver is arrested for driving while intoxicated after employees at the McDonald’s drive-through window reported his condition to police.

22300 93rd Place West: A man is arrested for assault after hitting another man in the head with a rake.

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