Introducing 365 Things to Do in Edmonds: A wedding on 10/10/10

    Wayne Purser is the man behind "365 Things to do in Edmonds."

    Wayne Purser is an Edmonds real estate agent with a big idea: To document a year’s worth of activities in Edmonds, via video camera, and post them on his blog, aptly named

    Purser, who works at Coldwell Bain Banker on 5th Avenue S., graciously agreed to share Sunday’s video with My Edmonds News. The focus — a wedding on 10/10/10 at the Plaza Room above the Edmonds Library.

    According to news reports, Oct. 10, 2010 was a very popular day for weddings nationwide, with experts stating that it was perhaps the most popular wedding date since July 7, 2007, or the lucky 07-07-07.

    You can view Purser’s video here:

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    1. We are VERY lucky to have people like Wayne to reveal and unfoil our great city of Edmonds.
      Thank-you Wayne.


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