It’s official: Edmonds’ Sunset Park going to the dogs


At 10 a.m. today, Edmonds City Council President Steve Bernheim and dog Rolf will be at Sunset Park for the official removal of three “No Dog in the Park” signs along the west side of Sunset Avenue between Bell and Caspers. (My Edmonds News will be there to document the occasion with a photo.)

Here’s the background: Following a citizen suggestion, the City Council voted in April to remove the ban on dog walking on the west side of Sunset Avenue “so that the elderly and infirm folks walking their dogs could also sit on the park benches to rest,” Bernheim said in a press release issued early this morning. “Because the ‘NO DOGS IN PARK’ signs are still there six months later, I have decided to remove them so that the signs are consistent with law, so the public is not confused by the incorrect signs, and to reduce the number of 911 reports of illegal dog walking along Sunset.”

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