Been burglarized in past eight years? Shoreline Police may have your stuff

Some of the items recovered from the Monroe storage locker may belong to Edmonds residents.

From our friends at Shoreline Area News, here’s a followup to a story that we published a few weeks ago. Shoreline Police are still looking for the owners of jewelry, pocket watches, golf clubs and other treasures left over from a storage locker in Monroe that belonged to a serial burglar arrested  at the end of October.

“This was the stuff he didn’t want,”  Shoreline Police Detective Cary Coblantz told Shoreline Area News. “He wanted jewelry where he could pry out the precious stones and fence them, and melt down the gold and silver for sale.”

The police also have a large collection of bags and backpacks. The burglar would take whatever was available in the home and use it to carry out the jewelry and other small items.

If you have been burglarized or had your car prowled in the last eight years, in a home or business from Shoreline to Woodinville, those golf clubs, guitars, collectible dolls, ornamental swords, and bicycles are probably yours.

Photos of some of the recovered property are online. The Guest password — Shoreline — is case sensitive. Contact Coblantz at 206-801-2746 if you think some of this property may be yours.

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