Edmonds Food Bank seeking donations, volunteers


    Supplies at the Edmonds Food Bank, located at 828 Caspers St., are running extremely low. According to a story in this week’s Edmonds Beacon, the number of people visiting the food bank, officially known as the Carol Rowe Memorial Food Bank, has been increasing sharply in recent weeks. If you can help with monetary donations or donations of food, please give them a call at 425-778-5833. They can also use volunteers on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re not aware of the good work being done at the food bank, which is affiliated with the Edmonds United Methodist Church, watch the video:

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    1. Greetings?

      My name is Gerry Knight. I live at 2213 Brookwood Place. I have 4 people living in our home. Kayla age 8 yrs (grand-daughter) we adopted due to our daughter drug problems. I have been out of a job for 5 months. I continue to apply for jobs daily but nothing as of yet. Also, I have networked to friends, past employees, and family

      My family is in despirate need of groceries. Also, I can work for groceries. Anytime except M-F 8:00 am to 8:45 am. After which I am available anytime. I am not asking for a hand-out but I will work for FOOD.

      Please advise me as to your suggestions.

      Thank You for your time and consideration.

      Gerry Knight


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