Welcome to new Edmonds restaurant, The Winged Pig!


The Winged Pig is now open in Old Milltown, at 203 Fifth Avenue South between Dayton and Maple.

Billed as “a neighboring watering hole,” it is open Monday through Saturday from 4-10 p.m. The restaurant promises on its website that “a menu of comestables and libations” will be posted soon.  The restaurant is the second Edmonds venue for Chef Michael Young, who also operates Olives Cafe and Wine Bar.

The Winged Pig
203 Fifth Avenue South  suite #4
Edmonds, Wa  98020
[email protected]

13 Replies to “Welcome to new Edmonds restaurant, The Winged Pig!”

  1. The menus have been updated on the site. Also we are open from 4:00 until midnight. Evidently I am a better cook than website developer.

    Thank you for the welcoming!


  2. They have Galley Mac beer on tap. For those who don’t know, this is a local Edmonds beer brewed across the street at Gallaghers. It’s similar to Mac ‘n’ Jack’s, but better tasting, in my opinion.


  3. Not really all that impressed with the service or the food…waited 40 minutes to tab out…really, 40 minutes! Geesh guys, get a register!


  4. Faith,

    I am sorry that you experienced such an unsatisfactory visit to The Winged Pig. My staff and I strive to ensure that every guest has a great time. I hope that you will contact me at [email protected] so that you can give me the particulars on your time with us and give me the opportunity to make it right. It is only through feedback from customers such as you that we can continue to improve.

    Thank you,



  5. I was very disappointed to see that your menu excludes vegetarians (except for a cheese plate) and vegans altogether, and that you emphasize that you will not substitute to accommodate such patrons. I realize the theme is pig, but I’ve been waiting for a nice hangout place in downtown Edmonds. Guess I’m still waiting.


  6. Lisa we just added a cheese fondue for vegetarians and carnivores alike. The quesadillas are also available as a vegetarian item. I apologize for our no substitutions policy but that is due to kitchen concerns and how we produce our food rather than an intentional bias.


  7. Will your web site menu be updated to show this? For those of us with failing eys it was very difficult reading your menu with such low lighting and only a small candle to see with. When your staff we unable to help I went to the car and got a flashlite. My meal was good but you were out of a couple of drafts that I wanted to try. Before my next visit I will study your menu on the web and be able make some tentitive selections before arriving. Thanks, we had a nice time. We plan to come back.


  8. Darrol, I will indeed update the website. I will also increase the size of the font of the menus and ensure that the staff knows that we have flashlights available. Thank you for all the feedback and I will try to ensure that we have all the drafts available. Happy Holidays!


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