A Royal effort as Lynnwood girls edge Meadowdale 62-58


By Quint Turner

Lynnwood Royals junior Mokun Fajemisin scored 18 points in a 62-58 win against Meadowdale despite the efforts of the Mavs’ Margreet Barhoum and Bianca Landa.

The first quarter started with Fajemisin and Meghan Cross dominating, as the Royals got great down-low possessions and were able to make the layups. On the other end of the court, the Mavs couldn’t get the offensive or defensive rebounds that would matter the most, as most of the Royal points came off second chances. Meadowdale struggled with the boards all night long.

The other big problem was turnovers. Although both sides turned it over plenty, the Mavs gave it up 14 times in the first half alone. Cross and Fajemisin would score 6 each, as the Royals led 14-10 at the quarter.

The second quarter, fittingly enough, started with a turnover and a fast break for Lynnwood. This would be the most back-and-fourth quarter before the Royals would put it away in the third. Both sides would get the layups and points they needed, but the Mavs only hung around thanks to Julianne Kossian. Kossian scored 8 points in a row for the Mavs, including two 3’s, but the team was still down. It was Fajemisin dominating the boards, and they couldn’t shut her down. The Royals would be up 32-28 at the half.

The Royals started the third with an 8-0 run, led by a  combination of Fajemisin and Cross plus Arsenia Ivanov . The Mavs couldn’t make it back from that, though they tried hard in the fourth. Meadowdale got within 4 before being shut down on the final possession, and lost 62-58.

Lynnwood scorers: Jasmin Edwards 5; Izzy Maza 3; Grace Douglas 4; Meghan Cross 18; Casey Evans 1; Mokun Fajemisin 17; Arsenia Ivanov 8; Linda Wilson 6
Meadowdale scorers: Margreet Barhoum 20; Bianca Landa 14; Michalea O’Niell 7; Julianne Kossian 12; Mackenzie Bretz

Sportswriter Quint Turner is a student at Meadowdale High School.

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