Edmonds City Council budget amendments posted


Mayor Mike Cooper just told us that the Edmonds City Council’s proposed amendments to his 2011 City of Edmonds budget have been posted on the City’s website homepage.

There is also a lively discussion going on here about issues related to the city budget.

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  1. Mike

    I commend you and your staff for providing very thoughtful, and very timely, responses to the numerous proposed budget amendments.

    My first review of the responses leads me to be in agreement with all of them, except for two. SB4 – I believe that $35K to $40K is much too much to spend on completing the small park at Old Mill Town. When a citizen, Alan MacFarlane, suggested buying the OMT strip of land for a park, and I led the effort to cause it to be purchased, we envisioned only a simple park area like what existed there prior to its destruction during the rebuilding of OMT. That did not require bringing any utilities to the site. So let’s get on with the original idea.

    SB8 – You have provided a bureaucratic response to this amendment by stating the regulations that give you the responsibility to determine the structure of city staff. Everybody knows the regs; Mr. Bernheim, me, and others are asking you to remove the responsibility for IT from the Finance Director in order to reduce Mr. Hines’ workload. I believe that you owe us an explanation as to why you do not want to address this issue.


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