Edmonds ‘Shop Hyperlocal’ deal of the day: Garden Gear


Garden Gear, located at 102 5th Ave. in Edmonds, is offering the following specials through Dec. 24:

1) Warm Whiskers: 50 percent off on all remaining inventory items

2) New mirage beads bracelets that come alive with sensuous color as you wear them. Inspired by the mood jewelry of the ’60s and ’70s, these thermo-sensitive bracelets change color with minute variations in temperature.  Each bracelet come with gift box and a card explaining the bracelet.  $28.99 each, unique gift for under $30.  They always start from earth-tone brown color, then gradually change as you can see the photos below.

3) Christmas ornaments and decor are  40 percent off if you print this page and bring it to the store. Otherwise, it’s 25 percent off.

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