Last day of 2010 sunrise in Edmonds

Former Edmonds Mayor Gary Haakenson captured the last sunrise of 2010 in blazing color. You can see more of Haakenson's photos on display at the Edmonds Library.

5 Replies to “Last day of 2010 sunrise in Edmonds”

  1. That sunset photo really looked like a blazing sky. It was so realistic that Mayor Cooper almost jumped into his old fire dept gear and was going to put out the fire. But not to worry, the Council will just revise the sprinkler ordinance and make sure for all future blazing sunsets we have a sprinkler system in place to protect us all. The council has already protected us from those awful plastic bags which can melt from such a blazing sunset.


  2. Darrol:

    I just read your cynical comment above (#3) and your comment elsewhere where you said: “Would you help me in putting together an action plan to make this year’s campaign the most negitive [sic] of all time?”

    There are plenty of reasons for me to vote against DJ in the upcoming election. But if it’s just you and him running, be assured that the comments you’ve just made have given DJ at least 1 more vote. It’s sad that your kind of negative campaigning does sometimes work. I hope we get a third candidate who campaigns based on the positive things they’ll do to make Edmonds a better place to live.

    My apologies to all for contributing the spoilage of a nice article and a beautiful picture. Thank you Gary for sharing it, and thank you Teresa for publishing it!


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