Quick Q&A with Peter Gibson, Edmonds City Council student representative

Peter Gibson

A senior at Edmonds-Woodway High School, Peter Gibson spends each Tuesday night sitting alongside members of the Edmonds City Council as they debate city policy and take votes on key government issues. While Gibson doesn’t have an actual vote, he does ask great questions. So My Edmonds News thought the community should get to know him better:

Q. Could you share some background about yourself?

A. I have grown up in Edmonds and lived here my whole life. My mom’s name is Sally and she has been my primary parent. My dad passed away when was 4. I plan to attend college when I am finished with high school, and after college my goal is to become a firefighter.

Q. Why did you want to be the student representative to the Edmonds City Council?

A. Because I know a lot about Edmonds and I have followed local politics and issues in the past. Also, my good friend’s brother (Graham Marmion) had the position last year.

Q. How will experience helping you in the future? Do you see yourself in public service some day?

A. The most important thing I will learn will be public speaking and how a municipality functions. The only way I could see my self in public service would be firefighting. Being an elected official is very demanding and stressful.

Q: You ask very good questions. Do you prepare for the meetings ahead of time?

A. The agenda packet is sent to me, and I read through the packet and write down questions or any thoughts I have prior to the meetings.

3 Replies to “Quick Q&A with Peter Gibson, Edmonds City Council student representative”

  1. I think this is great, fantastic! No doubt, Peter offers a different perspective that is more broad than the councilmembers, and sometimes that’s needed to trigger directions and ideas that might never have otherwise been explored.


  2. I’ve known Peter for most of my life and he has been involved in Edmonds politics and safety for as long as I can remember. He is a caring and smart person and I am proud to have him as the Edmonds City Council student representative.


  3. I’ve known Peter most of his life. His social awareness and sense of responsibility is uncommon in those his age. The Council and the City are lucky to have his involvement.


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