2011 Edmonds Polar Bear Plunge Photo Gallery, from beer to brrrr!


My Edmonds News photographer Chad Emerson took these photos during the 2011 Polar Bear Plunge festivities New Year’s Day. For a look at Emerson’s entire gallery of photos, visit his Facebook page.

Daphnes owner Brian Taylor hands out newly embroidered robes to Uplift Society members Lars Jangaard and Lindsey Taylor.
Kathy Roumeliotis and Chuck Warren enjoy a Rainier Beer, an annual Uplift Society tradition.
The group gathers inside Daphnes pre-plunge.
Uplift Society members make the walk from Daphnes to Brackett's Landing.
Louise Favier of Daphnes displays the $500 check that will be donated to the Edmonds Historical Society.
Participants dive into the water...
...celebrate their accomplishment...
...and after a minute, head back to the beach.
Toweling off after the dip.

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