Citizen Harry: Levy Committee planning online survey of Edmonds residents


By Harry Gatjens

The Edmonds Citizens Levy Committee at its Jan. 27 meeting worked on a presentation for the entire Edmonds City Council that summarizes the committee’s efforts to research what it will take for the council to put a levy on the ballot. The presentation was wordsmithed and is undergoing final editing before being presented to the council early in February.

The levy committee is also planning on an online survey to obtain Edmonds citizens’ thoughts and priorities regarding city services and taxing options. The survey should be posted online in the next two weeks.

Committee member Daroll Haug refined his models and actually proposed levy options that could be moved forward to the council. The group will review the options at its next meeting, scheduled for Feb. 9 at 6 p.m. in the Brackett Room, third floor of City Hall.

The committee is also scheduled to meet with the City of Redmond to gain an understanding of what causes a levy to pass and/or fail. Redmond has done both in the last couple of years so it is expected that their experience will be very helpful.

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  1. I fully support these efforts. I want the City to be the Edmonds we all love. Another couple bucks isn’t going to make or break anyone. I enjoy the services we get. Thanks to all who devote so much time foe the good of all.


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