Dooley scores 16 as Mavericks beat Oak Harbor, 46-38


By Quint Turner

Torin Dooley led the Mavericks to a 46-38 win over Oak Harbor on Meadowdale’s home court Tuesday night.

Although it was a well-fought battle, the game was divided into very separate halves. In the first half, both sides would milk the shot clock to 5 seconds, then throw up a jumper, while the second half was filled with fast-paced, driving action.

The game started with Wildcat guard Michael Washington Jr. scoring two 3s in a row and by the end of the quarter the Mavs were down 12-9, thanks to Washington’s 8-point performance in the first period.

The second didn’t go the way the ‘Cats expected. After a slow-moving four minutes, Oak Harbor had a 15-11 lead as both teams would pass and dribble until the shot clock was low, then shoot a jumper rather than drive to the basket. Then the Mavs — led by Dooley, Tyce Tallman and Spencer Linton –went on an 11-1 run and had a 22-16 lead at halftime, thanks in part to the defense forcing the turnovers and blocking the open passes that led to good driving buckets.

In the third quarter, the ‘Cats saw their slow offense wasn’t getting it done so they switched to a much more up-tempo offense. Despite catching the Mavs off-guard a few times, they couldn’t finish the shots while the Mavs adapted and were able to use their D effectively. That’s not to say this was a low-scoring quarter. Dooley had a stretch where he controlled the game on offense,  scoring nine points in a row to start the third. Using aggressive defense, the Mavericks stopped Washington most of the time, and when they didn’t, they forced him to make shots with a hand in his face. The Mavs led 38-26 after three.

The ‘Cats came within five points with 4:13 to play, but they couldn’t hit the big shots. Linton and Dooley had most of the Mavs points in the quarter, leading to a 46-38 league win.

Maverick Scorers: Tanner Mahler 3, Spencer Linton 13, Tyce Tallman 6, Sean Hennessey 2, Torin Dooley 16, Dylan Buck 4, Sam Hong 2.

My Edmonds News sports contributor Quint Turner is a student at Meadowdale High School.

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