Take this survey on Westgate, Five Corners

Do you live near, shop in or travel through Edmonds’ Westgate and Five Corners business areas? The City of Edmonds and the Edmonds Economic Development Commission are working with University of Washington students to develop future improvements to these neighborhood shopping areas, and want your ideas on what they should look like.

All you have to do is fill out the online survey here, which takes about five minutes to complete. (We just did it, and it’s easy!) As an added incentive, the students have arranged with local businesses to provide special offers for those who complete the survey, so don’t delay!

  1. I feel it would have been a much better move for Trader Joe’s to replace the old Albertson’s in the Westgate location rather than that ‘other’ similar store (don’t even know the name). I actually really wish Albertson’s would have stayed but that new store is awful, it’s far too pricey. Personally, I don’t think they will make it, especially with the bad economy. How in good conscience can they charge the high prices they do for basically the same thing you get at Trader Joe’s for much less money.

  2. The area around 5 Corners is a little run down. Since it it a very central location in upper Edmonds, I think it could be a good area for shopping despite possible traffic problems. The Kazba is a waste of building space, and there are some stores which could be replaced with others that can’t be found in Edmonds. That way, people do not have to travel to the mall to purchase certain things. As stated before, PCC is a bit pricey, though I do not think it needs to be replaced. If I remember correctly, behind QFC there is an abandoned store that could be replaced with something Edmonds doesn’t have yet. The parking lot near Taco Bell needs serious re-planning as it is an utter mess. I would really enjoy to see a store replace the Sub Shop some day, and I think the strip mall across from Robin Hood Lanes could have some more useful stores.

  3. @Kevin: Trader Joe’s typically doesn’t take over a store footprint that big. TJ’s doesn’t stock enough SKUs to make it pay. PCC and Whole Foods eyed the space for years before PCC bit right at the start of the recession.
    @Bryan: Big mystery why there is no magnet restaurant, food market, or bank in the Five Corners zone. Plenty of walk-to clientele, church and school nearby. Can’t understand why it’s so ignored.

  4. I’d love to see something done with the old Stupid Prices store, as long as it’s not another retailer whom I have to explain the name to my kids! I agree with Bryan in that the parking lot needs serious redesign. In addition, I think the PCC’s prices are high, but if you’re buying organic the produce is much better than you get across the street.

    I’d love to see another specialty shop take over the Sub Shop location. That’s what Edmonds is all about. If you want mall products, go to the mall. Keeping small businesses thriving in our community is what Edmonds is all about. Keep small businesses in business.

  5. There used to be a Red Apple at 5 corners-it was great! And there was a great little cafe that served breakfast……the place looks kind of trashy now…….parking in the QFC lot is ridiculous. Never want to go there. banking would be good!

  6. I’ve lived in Edmonds for nearly 50-years & I haven’t shopped for groceries in Edmonds since Safeway & then Albertson’s closed their doors. As for 5-Corners, is there really any reason to be up there unless you are using the Park & Ride??

    Edmonds is a great place to live & perhaps visit, yet I wouldn’t want to have to shop there.

  7. My suggestion would be to give the strip mall across from the bowling alley a face lift. Modernize the appearance in a way that fits with the Edmonds culture. The shops in there are practical – shoe repair, nails, a teriyaki place (which is great).

    The vacancy next to Starbucks is fitting for a 5 Guys Burger.

  8. As your Shoreline neighbor, I greatly appreciate the addition of PCC. I now do much of my grocery shopping in Edmonds. I never shopped at Albertson’s and there is a QFC in Shoreline if I wanted to shop there.

    I used to visit the strop mall across from Robin Hood Lanes, but its difficult to park, unattractive and hard to enter or exit when there is traffic.

  9. I agree with those who find the Westgate shopping area somewhat dated. However,
    it will still be there when city finances are secured from falling over the cliff edge! Currently, Edmonds can’t afford a trip into the levies/new taxes/overruns pit which would inevitably accompany this project. “Dated” doesn’t equal “immoral”.

    K. Hoffmann

  10. The survey is what it is, a survey. Looking for ideas from people in the neighborhood and people that use the services in the area. I hope everyone had a chance to go to the presentations last week. Some ideas and visualizations were presented.

    Remember this is a long term planning session. Won’t happen over night. All good and positive ideas are welcomed.

  11. Growing up here 5 corners was the stopping grounds for gas and groceries(gas station where teriyaki/dry cleaning is now) grocery store where Nikkos is)..think demographics..I live in the area it is families..few seniors..so businesses that cater to the kids and parents will thrive..go no further than Mill Creek and Lake Forest park for some great ideas..as for westgate same issues..demographics..parents with kids..my first job was washing dishes at Mexican restaurant where drug store is..because of traffic flow or lack thereof nothing survived..replanning of entry and exits, obviously revamping of QFC parking area brutal..and create a bustling “community” that attracts the demographics of the area..would love to see a multipurpose sports facility in old Stupid Prices building could be used for bball/volleyball and indoor batting cages..huge demand kids are currently leaving town for such facilities..would be a draw as well for surrounding kids/parents..could anchor with complimentary restaurant(s)..

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